Published 12:17 am Wednesday, July 20, 2016

McCormick Flavor Forecast has announced that smoky, spicy and tangy flavors are trends of the 2016 grilling season. Are you on board? Some new products include Smoky Montreal Steak seasoning, Hot Pepper Blackened Seasoning, Smoky Applewood Mrinade and Brazilian Steakhouse Marinade. Look for these under their Grill Mates line.

I oven-baked ribs doused in the single-use liquid marinade packet of Brown Sugar Bourbon to great reviews. I loved the sweet aroma if basil released with the new Herb Grinder. The little bottles contain larger herb pieces that are gently dried to protect color and essential volatile oils from a patented ergonomic. This will be my first occasion for keeping parsley on hand. Italian Blend and Oregano grinders are also available. New packets of chicken sauces include Herb Roasted Chicken, Italian Parmesan Chicken and Bourbon Chicken. Get grilling. Go to for more ideas.

What else is new? Sounds Good:

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* Zatarain’s now offers single-serve portions ready in just under 4 minutes. Keep flavors such as Jambalaya Rice Mix and Red Beans and Rice in your desk drawer for a quick lunch or add leftover sausage or chicken at home to extend this convenience into a more sturdy meal. Down here, we love the Zatarain’s brand.

* Hipster coupon holder – Huzzah! Announces BroCards makers as they offer charismatic gentlemen a thin wallet with a titanium card that is all-at-once a bottle opener, hair and beard comb, milimetre ruler, thee screwdrivers and two hex wrenches with a 2-grade file on the back. This is a manly-man product that you will have to put on the tray at security if you fly to try to meet the makers in Australia. I say, women might like these minimalist wallets to hold coupons and cash when they are out being charismatic. Bonus Bro-ness is recipes at Yes, I said recipes. I like these Bros.

* Forever Flawless Skin Care & Cosmetics uses diamond dust for anti-aging products and other skin, eye, and nail care for men and women. But I think of it as creamy diamonds. Infusions of dust go into creams, facial exfoliators, and microdermabrasion products for deep cleansing. They throw in natural goodies like avocado oil and vitamins A and E. It’s spa-quality product designed for home use. There’s a fragrance, so you can even “smell” diamonds. What a kick. Start with an infused cooling and hydrating mask, mess around with HYDRA-AM Moisture Complex in jars that look downright artistic/futuristic and then there’s purifying toner and cleansing complex for when you need to “sparkle” again. Remember what diamonds look like in the rough. It’s more of a sexy science experiment that a jaunt to the jewelry store. And it feels very, very nice as they cleanse the skin.

* Frebreeze is one of those products that has become a verb, as in “Frebreeze it.” These fresh makers sent a sample of new Frebreeze Laundry Odor Eliminator, pitching to a food columnist that you wouldn’t want to head to brunch in smelly gym gear. We Southeast Texas get hot enough heading from our air-conditioned buildings to our cars, so my experience with this sample, which you add to your detergent, was very nice.My husband complains of

the scent of some products, but this one just smelled super clean to me and went unnoticed by his “are you wearing perfume?” sort of inquisition.