PRUETT COLUMN: Life lesson for young athletes

Published 12:01 am Sunday, May 8, 2016

This is a question to athletes: Do you know those times your coach asks you to do something and you just don’t understand why?

You cannot fathom as to why this person would make you do such a thing he is asking. 

It makes you question everything because you feel you are smarter than them and you know what is best. Well, maybe that is true.

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Coaches make mistakes just like the rest of us, but you need to listen to them when they speak. Having a coach is a very great life lesson many of you, especially seniors, are about to learn.

Coaches are like a workplace boss. Bosses tell you what to do all the time, and even as an adult, there are times you question the motives and reason behind the requests.

This is when you have to dig down deep, push away your own pride and simply do as you are told.

These bosses and coaches have a reason to ask you to do something or to go somewhere. It might not make sense, and sure, it might not even be the right call.

There are times when you can have a conversation with the person in a respectful way. Don’t question the request, but there is a way to explain how you see a situation going differently.

Bosses and coaches are human, and if you have a great relationship with the person, your voice will be heard.

Now, that doesn’t mean you will change this person’s mind and that is OK. Just being heard in a respectful way eases the tension.

Listen to your coaches and bosses. They are in their position for a reason and you are in yours for a reason.

Once you learn to respect each other and the work each other does, it becomes smooth sailing.

Remember this piece of advice, athletes, when you leave the comforts of high school and enter the workplace. Remember back to the times a coach ask you to do something so absurd, but in the end it worked out better than you were thinking it might.

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