Published 12:26 am Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The date on the package said my cottage cheese should still be good, but after looking forward to plopping some giant berries into it all morning, it was decidedly not good.

At lunch break I headed to the grocery store for a week of salad fixings, but there was no way to wash all that goodness off and assemble a salad within the hour.

That’s why I ended up getting one chicken leg for 88 cents at Walmart. Turns out Walmart fried chicken is pretty good, even on the run.

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So what do I have to work with?

I bought romaine lettuce, kale, carrots and avocados. At home there was a purple onion and oranges. I’m seeing variations all week.

If you didn’t know, a bag of chips turns into great croutons. Crush them up in the bag a little or a lot. I’m adding nuts some days and pork skins other days.

Some new cottage cheese and Greek yogurt will also go into the mix.

Dressings? Olive oil and vinegar most days, but green salsa will make a nice switch.

Oranges and apple slices will add color and crunch on other days.

Do I have more salad ideas than days of this week?

Yes. Do you now have more salad ideas? You’re welcome.