SPORTS MAILBAG: Choices that man makes

Published 1:17 pm Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Port Arthur News printed an article “Pacquiao loses fight in religious warfare” (Feb. 19) where the point of Mr. Pacquiao’s statement was completely misconstrued by Nike and most of today’s society. He was not calling the LGBT community dogs, he was using behavioral comparison and contrast.

God created animals to act as animals. Man was created differently. God breathed life into Adam and gave him a soul, only man a soul. God gave dominion to man over the beasts and all other things. He also gave man free will in order to make those decisions.

Animals go by instinct and behavioral patterns from their experiences. Mr. Pacquiao was stating that animals, without the ability to make decisions as humans do and who are subservient to man, are more aligned in mating practices according to God’s Word than the LGBT community is.Mr. Pacquiao, in his zeal to make a stand for what the Holy Bible instructs us in this matter, simply stated it in a way where it could be twisted by Nike as an opportunity to appease the LGBT community.

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Society’s opinion of this behavior is much different to God’s (Romans 1:26-27). We are to love others as Christ loves us, but to hate sin. Nike’s actions has nothing to do with truth, because Mr. Pacquiao spoke truth. It had everything to do with compromising worldly sin and opening an avenue to selling more shoes. They worship mammon.

Christ wants our hearts, not our false proclamations. Believing on Him comes from that free will choice He allows us. This is the point Mr. Pacquiao was trying to make because he knows the LGBT community, if they continue in their lifestyle choice, will endure an eternity of torment (Psalm 9:17). It is only through Christ where true change is.

H.M. Shepherd


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