How to defeat terrorism

Published 4:37 pm Wednesday, December 2, 2015

By Kwon Bill

From the Boston Marathon bombing to the September 11th attacks, terrorist attacks is something that will forever haunt this planet and we must know how to defeat this.

The Paris bombing was an attack that shook the planet, it was heard during a soccer game in France. Around 130 people were killed, an estimated 368 people were injured, and seven of the attackers also died.

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The sad reality is that events such as this will continue to happen, but you cannot let events such as these win.

The best example on how to defeat terrorism would have to be the Boston Marathon bombing. The bombing killed three people and injured around 264, but it is what happened the next year that showed the strength of Boston.

You defeat terrorism by showing these people that you will not give into their demands and you will not show signs of weakness. A year later, the Boston Marathon was held and an estimated million people showed up to this event.

Paris is in the same situation as the Boston Marathon bombing and the September 11th attacks. It is okay to mourn over the lost lives of your family and friends, but you cannot let this keep you down. If you allow this to keep you down than the terrorist will win and they get what they want.

You must continue to live your everyday lives and push through the pain to show the terrorist that you will not be defeated and that you will not give in to their demands. You may be able to kill a terrorist, you will never be able to destroy terrorism.

There is a difference between the two that people must be able to differentiate between. Also, you must educate yourself on these types of issues so you can have a better chance of dealing with them.

Always keep an open mind and never give up faith when it comes to these type of situations, when you give up the terrorist win.

Kwon Bill is a native of Port Arthur who is attending Prairie View A&M University.