PRUETT COLUMN: NFL rules set up quarterbacks; so why do they stink?

Published 11:57 pm Saturday, November 7, 2015

Johnny Manziel is garbage. Colin Kaepernick is trash.
The quarterback situations in Cleveland, Houston, Washington, Philadelphia and Buffalo are all disgusting.
For a league like the NFL to base all its rules to protect and serve the quarterbacks, the signal callers playing these days are for the most part terrible. A 38-year-old Tom Brady is the best quarterback in the league.
People love to throw around the name Aaron Rodgers like he is the next Johnny Unitas when in fact Rodgers more resembles a guy like Peyton Manning. Manning is the greatest regular season quarterback in league history. Rodgers is quickly becoming the same thing. He is not the same quarterback on the road and has only one good playoff run, the same amount as Manning.
Go take a look at the list of quarterbacks and really ask yourself if you would want 90 percent of the guys leading your favorite team. Ryan Tannehill? Sam Bradford? Tyrod Taylor? These guys should be lighting the league up with the rules set in place right now. …
Denver Broncos defensive coordinator Wade Phillips is quite the Twitter jokester if you have not noticed.
The Port Neches-Groves grad took to social media this past week after his Broncos completely shutdown the Green Bay Packers. Playing off the Peyton Manning Nationwide commercials, Phillips tweeted this troll to the Packers: “Chicken Parm tastes so good — I like it especially with cheese.”
This was not the first time Phillips took to Twitter to throw out some jokes toward a team his Broncos had just beat. Two weeks ago after beating Cleveland, Phillips tweeted “Had some brownies yesterday. They were tough but satisfying in the end.” Follow him at @sonofbum. …
Interesting bit of knowledge came this way when surfing the Internet on Friday. Which NFL player would you guess had more jerseys sold in the month of October according to
Most people would guess Tom Brady and they would be wrong. Manziel would be an educated guess but it would be the wrong Cleveland Browns player to pick.
The correct answer is Joe Haden. Brady was second while New York Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was third and Rob Gronkowski and Carolina linebacker Luke Kuechly rounded out the top five.
Now, where would you guess Houston defensive lineman J.J. Watt came in? If you guessed anything besides No. 52, you were wrong.
Here are a few names ahead of Watt: Buffalo quarterback Tyrod Taylor, Indianapolis receiver T.Y. Hilton, Tampa Bay quarterback Jameis Winston and some guy from Washington named Ryan Kerrigan. Jamaal Charles came in at No. 35. …
Let’s set the record straight on something that has bothered me this entire football season. Press boxes at football stadiums first and foremost need to serve the press, announcers, coaching staffs and scouts. We are all there to work. Press boxes are not there to be comfort zones for people. There are several press boxes in this area that allow too many people in who do not belong at the expense of those who are trying to do a job.
Loud talking is unacceptable when people are trying to focus on the game. Sure it is nice to let the school board and school officials have a spot, but without calling out names, quit putting these individuals and their comfort above folks who have a job to do. You can’t complain parts of the media don’t attend your school event and then treat them like they are second rate when they do show up.
Gabriel Pruett can be reached at 721-2436 or On Twitter: @PANewsGabe.

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