ASK A COP: Fridge on car roof OK?

Published 11:39 pm Monday, November 2, 2015

By Officer Rickey Antoine

Kelsey from Nederland asks: Officer Antoine, my husband and I were driving down the road a couple of weeks ago, when we observed a car with a refrigerator strapped to the roof and a couple of chairs in the trunk. I thought I was back looking at the Beverly Hillbillies. My husband started singing, “Well, this is a story of a man named Jed!” I’m sorry, but we couldn’t stop from laughing. I understand everybody doesn’t have a truck, but what would make you strap a refrigerator on the top of your vehicle? I’m aware that everyone has different financial status, but this just didn’t seem safe. Officer Antoine, this has to be ILLEGAL right?

Answer: Good question Kelsey! First, I want you to know I LOVE the Beverly Hillbillies’ show as well. But, I think Jethro would be packing the refrigerator on his back not on the car (smile). Well Kelsey, some things that don’t look safe to us still may not be ILLEGAL, as with what you observed with the car having a refrigerator strapped to its roof. Where it may be very odd looking, they are NOT in violation of the law in Texas. I’ve seen sofas, mattresses and boxes on top of cars, but if it is safely secured, there is nothing that can be done, because it’s LEGAL!

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Annie from Port Arthur asks: Officer Antoine, at the intersection of Ninth Avenue and Lucian Adams Drive near Memorial High School, there is no traffic light. We need a traffic light there. Most motorists don’t know how to yield the right of way to other vehicles. There are hundreds of cars picking up and dropping off staff and students. Isn’t our safety one of your tasks as an officer?

Answer: Good question Annie! Yes Annie, not only is SAFETY one of my task, SAFETY of the motorists who travel ANY of the roads in Port Arthur is my most important task!  We all know and understand that area has boomed in population and growth faster than many anticipated, but some things we are behind putting in place. Annie, there has been a study that was presented to the City Council a few years ago about installing a traffic signal at the intersection of 9th Avenue and Lake Arthur Drive.  I could only hope that putting lights and signs in place around the city of Port Arthur was MY decision. Before any traffic control devices are installed, there are studies that need to be performed by engineers, and the findings of the studies have to be accompanied by the approval of the City Council. I would advise you to contact your council member as well for additional assistance into this matter.

Lisa from Groves Asks: Officer Antoine, I have a question regarding crossing guards at the school. There was a crossing guard beckoning me through a stop sign that I had not even approached yet. I refused to go through the stop sign and came to a stop at the sign. This action ticked the guard off and she hollered for me to keep going. Am I right for stopping or should I have obeyed the crossing guard and gone through the sign?

Answer: Good question Lisa! You get a “thumbs up” from me Lisa! Crossing Guards play a vital role in keeping our children safe while traveling into and from school. Keep in mind that the crossing guard’s responsibility is to safely cross children across the street, not to wave vehicles through traffic control devices! Lisa, you did well to obey the traffic control device in this situation, and to disregard the crossing guard motioning you to run the stop sign. Remember, the ONLY person who could wave you through a traffic control device is a POLICE OFFICER!

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