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ASK A COP: PA/PAPD Trunk-r-Treat will be Thursday

By Rickey Antoine

The city of Port Arthur & the Port Arthur Police Department will offer its annual Trunk-r-Treat event on Thursday 10/29/15 from 5:30 to 8 p.m. at the Bob Bowers Civic Center, 3401 Cultural Center Drive right off Highway 73 at ninth Ave. Come and experience the safe and secure location for your children to enjoy receiving treats without the threat of them being struck by a vehicle crossing the street. Let’s Keep Halloween safe — see you there!

Crafton from Port Arthur asks: Officer Antoine, I’m accustomed to all the costumes and all the props that are associated with the upcoming holiday Halloween! But is it right (legal) to drive in a vehicle with a scary monster mask on or body parts hanging out of the trunk of a vehicle. I know this is what’s done on Halloween, people celebrate by wearing costumes mostly of goblins and goons. I’m not that scary but I really, really, really don’t appreciate being at a red light and look over and someone with a scary mask on in the next lane to me, making all kinds of creepy movements. With all that’s going on in this land, I think this kind of behavior while driving should be outlawed. Is there any law that prohibits such behavior while driving Officer Antoine?

Answer: Good question, Crafton! I totally agree with all the dangers we face daily on the roads of Southeast Texas. No one should be adding to the level of danger! On the other hand, Crafton, I’m sorry to inform you that there is really NO LAW that prohibits such behaviors like wearing a costume or hanging fake body parts out of the window of a moving vehicle on the roads of Texas. Crafton, I’m not in favor of the Halloween celebration, but on the other hand I’m not a party pooper either. If the law permits the celebration, which we all know it does, because (Halloween) is nationally celebrated and among many countries in this world. Now Crafton, I have encountered arms and legs hanging out of trunks that made me take a double look, but at the end of the day, all I can do is shake my head and be thankful its only celebrated ONCE a year. There is nothing illegal with driving with masks on or fake body party’s hanging out of vehicles, as long as the parts are secure.

Albert from Lumberton asks: Officer Antoine, thanks for all your answers about the rules of the road while driving. I was taught about the dangers of NOT driving safely by you almost four years ago and it’s made a positive impact on my driving for sure. My question is this, why do some Police Officers allow traffic violations to occur right in front of them and they don’t respond? Officer Antoine, I know you won’t allow that to happen, so why do others?

Answer: Good question, Albert! Albert it’s very hard, almost impossible, for me to defend another officer’s action or in your opinion, the lack thereof, if I wasn’t present. There may be MANY reasons why officers don’t respond to violations that occur. First, there is a good possibility he/she didn’t see it occur, just because you saw it, doesn’t necessarily mean the officer saw it. There is almost constant communication on the Police radio and the in-car computer that has an officer almost ALWAYS busy. Albert, some officers just don’t have time to stop and address a traffic violation, if they are already headed to an assault or fight in progress. They just don’t have the time to deal with someone changing lanes without signaling or not wearing their seat belt. Albert, even I can’t address ALL the violations that occur in my presence. If so, I would NEVER go anywhere, I would remain in the same spot. Consider this, traffic offenses are occurring somewhere ALL the time in ALL cities, so many officers may just choose to address the offenses that are the most harmful, in their opinion, to the motoring community.

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