CULINARY THRILL SEEKING: Pumpkin, flamingos still trending

Published 11:21 pm Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Every year we share some pumpkin spice love in Culinary Thrill Seeking. It’s still trending and my first taste of the season was from pumpkin muffins from my friend Jennie in Ohio.

Jennie is the real story here. I met this amazing woman while working at the Beaumont Bennigan’s in the ’80s. She brought a fresh out-of-state vibe, bright pink lipstick and a lot of fun to evening shifts.

I can’t recall if my love of flamingos began with her, but I think of her just about every time I see a pink plastic pair of birds in a funky setting.

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Through the miracle of Facebook, she heard I’d be traveling near her and she came down to get me. There was pizza and catching up and it seems they played ‘80s music everywhere we stopped.

Guess what gift she’d picked up for me, even before she knew she would soon run into me? A jeweled flamingo brooch.

It seems Jennie is still the coolest thing ever, and hosts theme parties. One of her hits: Takeout and Champagne. Guests show up at her door with their favorite takeout and a little story about their dish.

Thanks for more memories, Jennie. And the pumpkin muffins.


I thought I was getting pumpkin spiced nuts to share with a group, but when I opened the bag from Emerald, I realized the glazed pecans were labeled “Pecan Pie.”

Still addictive, the group agreed. I tried to prove to myself that there had been a bag marked “pumpkin,” but I can’t find it. No worries. I’ve enjoyed anything Emerald line does have to crunch.