ASK A COP: Fifty-five arrested in Port Arthur in Warrant Round Up

Published 10:46 pm Monday, August 3, 2015

Approximately 55 fugitives from Justice with outstanding city of Port Arthur warrants were arrested last week in the Warrant Round-Up. This is NOT the total count for ALL fugitives from Justice, just those from the city of Port Arthur.
Jeffery from Nederland asks: Officer Antoine, with all the negative publicity going around this country about Law Enforcement lately, I was in a debate with my friend who stated that we don’t have to answer ANY questions if we are pulled over by a Police Officer. He said as long as we present our identification and insurance, we don’t have to say a word. I am not a trouble maker nor do I have any hatred against the police. I have a great deal of respect for our law enforcement officers who put on a uniform every day to protect citizens and most will be strangers. The only reason I could see someone not answering questions is if they are trying to hide something from the officer. Why would I make your job any more difficult than it already is by failing to answer questions? Officer Antoine, is he right? Do we have to answer questions from Police Officers while being stopped?
Answer: Good question, Jeffery! Jeffery, you are both right. But, I stand with you, Jeffery. What harm is there to answering questions presented to you from a police officer if you have nothing to hide? If the Police Officer has legally detained you, for what reason won’t you cooperate with him/her? But with that said, Jeffery, your friend is correct. You DO NOT have to answer questions given to you by a police officer when being lawfully detained. But I will caution you, that this type of behavior from citizens when dealing with a police officer will likely lengthen the time you are detained and cause the police officers’ safety to be heightened. Jeffery, even as a police officer if I am detained, I will COMPLY with all lawful questions and orders given to me. Law enforcement officers expect resistance from hardened criminals like gangsters, thugs, muggers and thieves, but it sometimes catches us by surprise when we get resistance from teachers, preachers, doctors, lawyers and normally everyday compliant citizens. We understand that NOBODY likes to be stopped by the police, but if you are, do your part to make your stop go as smooth as possible. Keep in mind that 99.9% of the physical and deadly confrontations that you have witnesses all started because someone RESISTED the law enforcement officer’s authority. Jeffery be mindful of the company you keep!
Gail from Port Arthur Asks: Officer Antoine, the striped area in front of the Fire Station on Ninthy Avenue and Highway 73 is almost constantly stopped in by motorists waiting for the red light to change. They don’t know if a fire truck will need to get out of the driveway, but their efforts would be blocked because vehicle traffic is stopped blocking their exit. Fire station driveways are something that all drivers should pay attention to. If you can’t tell, yes, I’m a wife of a retired firefighter and he tells me that this has always been a problem. Is it illegal to stop a vehicle on striped lines waiting for the traffic signal to change?
Answer: Good question, Gail! We are very familiar with that particular striped area in front of Fire Station No. 6, in the 4500 block of Ninth Avenue and YES, Gail, it is ILLEGAL to stop your vehicle there. Gail, you are absolutely correct, sometimes seconds count when someone is in need of emergency police, fire or ambulance assistance. So let this serve as a warning to ALL motorists. DO NOT block the driveway of ANY Fire Station, you can refer to City of Port Arthur ordinance 106-211 A(2e).
Cynthia from Beaumont asks: Officer Antoine, thanks for this column! It’s a MUST read every Tuesday for me and my husband. We went to Galveston to relax on the beach a couple of weeks ago and took the ferry back to the mainland. I’m not certain if you have traveled the road to the ferry before, but sometimes people get relaxed and lean back with their feet hanging out of the window. Well, after the ferry landed on mainland, this particular passenger decided to stand up out of the sun roof and wave their hands back and forth. Of course they were younger, in their early 20s it appeared. My husband
immediately said, “That’s got to be illegal.” Of course I agreed. Is it illegal to stand up through the sun roof while the vehicle is moving? If so, please caution the younger generation about the practice. Officer Antoine, thanks for all you do to make our community
safer to travel!
Answer: Good question Cynthia! YES, that’s a very dangerous and illegal practice in Texas, because first of all, you are NOT wearing a safety belt. Cynthia, if the vehicle is involved in a crash, that open section will not provide any protection, but will likely cause additional damage to your body. I hope who ever made a decision to be this reckless is reading this article, and will now SIT DOWN AND BUCKLE UP!
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