Take thy foot and insert in mouth

Published 3:14 pm Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Thank goodness I did not make this mistake, this time.  It is hard to undo some of the comments you  make that should not have been said.  Then there are some that say all the wrong things and simply admit no wrong doing.  Yep, I am talking about Donald Trump.
I cannot believe he criticized a Veteran.  A veteran that is really a hero, no matter what he states.  I have lost anything I had left for Donald Trump. I never had a lot for him anyway.  I did firmly believe that he was running for President as a joke, anyway.  Who knows?  He just took it a step or two too far.
Why is it that politicians have to find something wrong with their opponents?  Not that Trump is any kind of politician.  He is a guy born with a silver spoon in his mouth.  What is better, a guy being a draft dodger all his life; or a guy standing up and serving his country?  No contest!
The real question is:  “Did Donald Trump feel threatened by McCain?”  Wow – how dumb is that!  I have read a whole lot about Donald Trump.  I felt that when he started this so called campaign; he was sincere.  I was very interested in what he was saying about immigration.  He hit the nail on the head on a lot of issues.  Especially, the one about what kind of individuals were invading our territory.  He remarked that only the bad immigrants are entering illegally.  They will not send any of the good ones over here.  I felt he genuinely was on top of it, because, he was correct on all accounts about the immigration status.  This was interesting to me and I wanted to hear more; and see what he planned to do about it.
Much to my surprise, a lot of people, even veterans, do not like John McCain.  But, he did not take the easy way out.  I do not know if you can call him a real hero.  But, what is a real hero?  All that I can decipher from everything I read, is that McCain was a broken man upon returning home.  I believe there is a disagreement among some, that McCain did not break his silence, when captured.  I honestly do think that he did not at first.  He was persecuted by his enemies.  A lot of bones were broken and a lot of afflictions set on him.  Now, it is said that his father, being an Admiral, is what got him released.  How the enemy got this information is what people wonder.
But, Trump’s statement: “He is a hero because he got captured, I like people who weren’t captured,” is a stupid statement.  Like he really wanted to get captured and abused, beat and starved.  Who in their right mind would ask for that?  This is where Donald Trump lost me.  McCain was imprisoned for five years.  I would not have lasted one day.  Hey, what do you want to know?  I will tell you anything to save my life.  Can you imagine how McCain felt being beaten constantly?  He had dignity.  I respect that.  Even if only now he did spill the beans about his family member being of higher authority; what difference does it make?  He made a point and stood up to those thugs.
I guess you might call this column today…getting it off my chest.  I cannot believe that there are cold hearted people living among us like this.  I am not a John McCain follower, and would not vote for him.  Having said that, I still think he is being thrown under the bus by Trump.  My reason for not supporting McCain has nothing to do with his military background.  I feel like we need a person determined to straighten up the horrible mess our America is in.  Is this possible?  Once again, time will tell.  I have not seen anyone that has thrown in their hat to attempt to run for president that gets it.  Overall, there are so many problems in our world; I am afraid we might be beyond fixing.
The only thing that scares me really bad is that it will get worse.  You all know the drill.  Surely, someone can come into office and save us, or turn things around.  I still do have a lot of hope.
We do not need a bully like Donald Trump to walk over anyone in the way.  Freedom of speech just may have gotten out of hand.  As long as he gets our attention, he is in his glory.  Hopefully, this will die down and he will stop pointing the finger.  If I were him, I would be very afraid.  There may not even be an army that can protect him from society.  His days as a candidate for President may have just ended.
Fanny Morgan of Port Neches is once retired and now is a church secretary. Contact her at fan1007@aol.com.

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