Concert to benefit Philippines aid groups

Published 11:42 am Wednesday, July 22, 2015

BEAUMONT — ‘Saliw’ (harmony), ‘Aliw’ (joyous), ‘Himig’ (rhythm of music) ‘Lakbay’ (tour) performed by KORUS, as affectionately known in the Philippines, will present its musical tour of America, with a stop in Beaumont on July 31, at the Julie Rogers Theatre at 6 p.m. Tickets are available for $30 – $50 and can be purchased at Asian Food Mart, 520 S. 11th St, in Beaumont, (409) 833-2626.

Korus, the University of the Philippine’s Concert Chorus (UPCC) has been known as the pioneer of choreographed choral performances in the Philippines since the early 1970’s. Artistic Director and Conductor, Professor Janet Sabas-Aracama, the UPCC goes beyond the typical ‘stand up’ choir performance style through a choral art form known as ‘CHOR-EO-CAPELLA’ (chorus choreographed a capella) in musical theater style with or without accompaniment.

Proceeds from this Beaumont performance will benefit charitable efforts of the Philippine Association of Beaumont Texas, Medical Surgical Mission of Texas and the Philippine Nurses Association. These include rebuilding of Philippine homes destroyed by typhoons and rebuilding communities; a Lamar University scholarship endowment for indigent minorities; medical missions; and educational seminars for nurses in the Golden Triangle area. All contributions are tax-deductible. Additional sponsorship and advertising opportunities are available by contacting Dr. Nestor Punay at 409-347-1600.

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Korus, UPCC is a mixture of students and alumni, whose musical performances are world renowned, was founded in 1962 by Gen. Carlos P. Romulo who was president of the University at that time. Through choral music, Korus continues to develop generations of Filipino artists with the mission to serenade the world for “the love of choral arts, for the university’s honor, and for love of country and to God’s glory. Mabuhay!”

We are proud to have Port Arthur Police Department partner with SETCADA Community Coalition Partnerships to provide a much needed community service with a Prescription Drug Take Back Box. The CDC has stated prescription drug abuse in the United States is at an epidemic level. As of 2015 CDC reported 22,767 deaths related to the abuse of prescription drugs.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “prescription and over the counter drugs are the most commonly abused substances by Americans 14 years of age and older, after marijuana and alcohol.”

Medications in the medicine cabinet are an easy target for individuals to easily abuse without the need to find a drug dealer. These same medications left on counter tops and various tables within the home are in reach of toddlers to accidentally consume.

Some individuals in good faith dispose of unwanted, unused, and outdated medications by simple discarding them into the trash, or flushing it down the toilet. While this method does remove these medications from the home environment they are still assessable to individuals searching through garbage and increases the danger to our environment through the water system and municipal landfills.

We urge all of our citizens to get involved, spread the word, and drop off your unwanted or expired prescription pills at our local prescription take-back box located in the lobby of the Port Arthur Police Department, no questions asked.

Rita Simmons, Board Member

SETCADA Community Coalition Partnerships