OH, FIG: Unusual combos delight

Published 11:22 pm Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Should I even be discussing the fresh figs that are ripening on trees, or should I gather them all for myself?
My afternoon nourishment was juicy figs and peanut butter. Never heard of this combo before, but it sounded right and it was. That sounds a teeny bit odd to some, I suspect, so now wrap your head around this: I also had peanut butter and fresh banana peppers a friend grew and shared with me.
Go ahead. You can do it.
Monkey business
I hear monkeys get a clean peel by stripping a banana down from the tip end, while we humans tend to peel down from the stalk end. I’ve just tried it their way and they are on to something.
Gumbo update
I did ask you guys what you put in your summer gumbos, so I’d love to hear from you. I had a craving like you wouldn’t believe and concocted from what I had, including a bratwurst, leftover shrimp and a can of smoked oysters. Hit the spot.
Still want to hear if you do anything different for your Southeast Texas must-have in the summer. Share your gumbo stories at:

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