Summertime fun time is here

Published 2:47 pm Monday, June 15, 2015

The sun is out,  the flowers are blooming,  the children are out of school, and the temperature is rising.  If you go around swimming pools and waterways, you will find groups in the water cooling off.  The temperature is already up to 100 degrees.  This seems to have happened overnight.
I do love the summer, probably because I do not have to be out in the sweltering sun.  I have seen many yardmen out grooming the yards.  If you can afford to have this done, this is the way to go.  Evidently, many can afford this because I see more and more equipment trucks in front of homes with yardmen hard at work.
This has to be a job that brings about a lot of sweat.  I have seen some that are wringing wet from the heat.  I try to imagine how much money I would have to be paid to swelter in the heat.  You know what?  This is a job that has my respect.  There are a lot of people that make a decent living taking care of other’s yards.  People are very picky about how their yards are cut and weeded.  This takes quite a bit of skill.
I haven’t had any watermelon yet this year.  Summertime and watermelon go together.  It seems the fruit is all a little sweeter this summer.  Maybe it is because we have had so much rain.  Having watermelon was a treat when I was younger.  My grandparents used to grow watermelons.
I can remember my uncle making sure not to plant any close to the road.  It seems that swiping a watermelon after dark in a watermelon patch was the thing to do.  Of course, the young were blamed for taking a watermelon or two.  We had watermelon seed spiting contests when we were through eating all we wanted of the watermelon.  Oh, something else, we did not have a knife to cut pieces off to eat.  We would pick up a slice and eat by biting off pieces.  That is the way we were taught to eat watermelon at my grandma’s house.
Beach outings are always a welcome summertime treat.  No matter if the water is clear or muggy, it is still fun to chase the waves.  I love having a weiner roast on the beach.  Throw in a few marshmellows and you are on.
I have heard time and time again that you eat more sand when cooking on the beach.  When young, I never noticed any sand in the food.  Those were the days!  Staying on the beach after dusk with a little bonfire going.  Pulling out the wire coathangers, straightening them out, and placing a weiner or two on the end to cook just the way you like it.  Most of the time they came out a little scorched; but that is what made them good.
Let’s see, hot dogs, koolaid and smores.  Who could ask for more!  Now there was a trick to doing toasted marshmellows.  Never, ever, put the marshmellow on the wire directly into the fire.  Hold it over the coals until it turns light brown.  They have a tendency to continue cooking, so pull off before too dark.  I wish I had a nickle for every marshmellows I lost in the fire.
Barbecue is another summertime fun time.  I do not care what is placed on the grill.  It seems a tradition on July 4th is to barbecue.  Everyone I know feels the same.  Pull out the old pit and light the fire.  Everything tastes better barbecued.
Well, I have gone on about good things to eat, especially during the summer.  I guess having functions that include food is what we do.  It does not have to be summertime.  But, the weather seems to be more agreeable during the summer for outdoor celebrations.
I have noticed that everyone has a better outlook on life during the summer.  Sunshine does that to people.  I like to look at the sunshine with a little shade over my head.  It seems that the older I get, the harder it is to remain in the sun.  I am all right if I am in the water on a sunshiny day.  Put me in direct sun for a period of time; and I am looking for shelter.
I am so looking forward to some of these summertime specials.  I may be wishing for cooler weather in a couple of months; but for now, let it rip!  I love it.
Fanny Morgan of Port Neches is once retired and now is a church secretary. Contact her at

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