Kathie’s Korner… “Make a Plan”

Published 3:17 pm Monday, June 1, 2015

By Kathie Deasey

With every new undertaking, whether it be a project, job, design, craft, enterprise or a different way of doing something, hopefully to make your life better, it’s critical to “make a plan.”

Even as a cook or gardener, teacher, parent, and I know you can think of more areas. It’s encouraging to have a direction and whatever tools you need to accomplish it. By tools, I mean item-specific for the plan.

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I have a friend in Ohio who has 4 children. Every summer she made a plan for their days, which included: swimming, reading, free time outside, and rest time. Everyone benefited, and they are smart, happy, productive adults passing on mom’s ideas and adding some of their own with their children.

I have recently decided to change an area of my life that I let go undisciplined. I’m not blaming this on anyone or anything but myself, and actually, that’s better, because God and I and my supportive husband are in this together, and I really believe that if you change one thing, everything changes! That’s my goal and I’m working my new plan.

Enjoy this summertime part of the year, and as you begin a new relationship, or it seems like there are so many details to take care of, maybe keep a list. I decided the night before to arrange my schedule, so that I start with my God, husband and coffee on my deck with a prayer for the day, Word and watching my silly red-winged black birds zooming around the yard competing for food with some pigeons and splashing in their bird-bath, sometimes being surprised by our 140-pound jealous Great Dane, Blue Belle, running everyone out of her yard. She thinks she needs to remind them that she’s the queen of the yards.

Come see me at: Rock Church Southeast, 150 FM 365, Port Arthur, at 10:30 Sunday mornings.