Breakfast bites: April showers bring mud

Published 11:48 am Monday, May 18, 2015

April showers bring May flowers, right? That’s probably true unless the showers keep the gardener out of the garden because it’s a muddy mess. That was the problem early this spring with my attempts to get the regular summer crops in the ground.

I did succeed in getting some tomatoes planted. My wife started a bunch of them from seed and I was able to get one good row planted. But the ambition to plant peppers and eggplants and other good garden fare was pretty much washed out by the everyday rains.

Never one to give up, I convinced myself that it’s not too late. Last week I got a row of eggplant seeds in the ground and another row was split between Anaheim peppers and sweet banana peppers. I had two rows almost ready to go fore the okra seeds (cowhorn because I couldn’t find any longhorn. The young lady at Mid-County Feed told me I’d have to check in February if I wanted any chance at all of getting longhorn.) I was going to get the seeds in Sunday evening. But guess what, we had a gulley-washer of a storm with quite an impressive lightning display. So once again, couldn’t get the crops planted.

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I’ll try again this evening after work, but guess what, more rain is expected. By tomorrow I’ll be spending my time mowing because guess what loves all the rain — you got it, a world-class crop of grass.

How are your efforts are gardening going this year? Any good crops to tell us about? Add a comment to let us know.