Refreshed by a walk in the park

Published 10:19 am Friday, May 15, 2015

I dearly love to go to the park.  It seems that the park is a very relaxing place for most people. Although, I do see some people exercising in the park.
I would take my children to one park or another a lot, when they were small.  It was an excellent break for the children to run and play or swing, climb to the top of a little tower, then slide down.  Then there is a little sand pile to play in with their trucks and cars.  Children need to get rid of their energy.  In a park, there is always a place to just run and release a lot of energy stored up.
I like the parks that have waterways going through them.  Now, the one in Nederland has the ducks in the pond.  We would always bring breadcrumbs.  Once the ducks discovered that you had food for them to eat, it was on.  My youngest had a handful of cheetos; and the ducks wanted them.  She saw them heading towards her and tried to outrun them.  A very big duck pecked her britches.  She screamed out like they were killing her.  I took off running towards her and snatched her up.  She threw down the cheetos and the ducks left her alone.  After this incident, it took her a long time to get near the duck pond again.
It is always hard to find places to go, just to catch your breath, that does not cost anything.  I think the Iweather has to be good, in order to enjoy the outdoors.  Taking a walk and watching the squirrels run up the trees, and seeing the flowers blooming, is priceless.  It also does release a lot of frustration in adults.  A change of pace helps clear your mind and helps draw a new incentive to what life may have in store for you.
There is a unique water park in Groves.  This is a place I would bring my grandchildren.  They loved every minute of it.  There were water spigots spraying in all directions spashing the children.  On a really hot day, this was their favorite spot.  I had the advantage of sitting in my lawn chair and visiting with perhaps a sister or a daughter.  Again, this did not cost anything.  These city parks are ideal for families bonding and enjoying the outdoors.
Because of my love for parks, I have been to many.  The Port Neches Park is my little bit of country-side heaven.  It reminds me of a walk in the woods.  We have been to birthday party’s, bar-b-que’s, reunions and many other occasions in this park.  This park is so natural.  The surroundings are beautiful.  There was a time that a very large, beautiful swimming pool was on the grounds of the park.  Now there is a little village built for all ages of children to climb and play on.  It was an excellent idea for the community to pitch in together and build this unreal play area for our youth.
I still love to go to Hermann Park and Zoo in Houston.  So many memories at this place.  Picnics held in the park and then off to the zoo.  I loved sitting around the pond in the park.  This was an extra special treat for the children.  My memories are especially strong as going to this park with my Mom and neighbors.  This was always a full day outing.  It took a lot of planning.  There were always a whole carload of us, with about 9 or 10 of us kids.  I loved seeing all of the animals in the zoo.  We only went a couple of times.  It was not real expensive to get into the zoo.  But, with a large group going, it was very costly.  Now, when my children came along; I made sure they got to see this park and zoo.  They showed their likeness and begged to go back.
I could go on and on about the parks I have visited.  All that I know is being in a park makes me aware of the beauty around me.  I love being outdoors.  The best feeling is knowing that a park should be within a few miles away.  Take a deep breath and relax.  I love to sit in a swing or on a see-saw.  Yep, I never grew up.  I will continue walking in the park, whenever and wherever the notion hits me.  Some of the best adventures in life are free.  This is one we need to take advantage of.
Fanny Morgan of Port Neches is once retired and now is a church secretary. Contact her at

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