Small Touches Can Make a Big Impact on Your Home’s Interior Design

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 9, 2014

(StatePoint) For homeowners looking to make a big interior design splash while staying on-trend, it’s all about focusing on little touches, say experts.

“You may not think much about the knobs and handles on your kitchen and bathroom cabinets, credenzas and other furnishings, but these small touches can be the jewelry of your home and are an inexpensive yet important design remodel,” says acclaimed designer, Eric Cohler, who has been listed as a top international designer by House Beautiful and Elle Décor magazines.

Want to update or coordinate the entire look and feel of your home? Cohler is offering some tips:

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• Think Metal: Metals are a hot trend — from artisanal coppers to sassy bronzes and from cool nickel to sharp stainless steel. While metallic finishes may already be peppered throughout your home on appliances, plumbing fixtures and even textiles, don’t forget that you can subtly follow the metal trend by including the look on cabinetry door pulls, furniture hardware and even hinges. It adds just the right amount of polish and elegance to a room without being too opulent.

• Warmth: Copper, along with its chromatic cousins — brass, bronze and gold — brings a sense of warmth to the home. Pair it with natural wood, leather or glass to create a calm, elegant impression in any environment. Avoid mixing copper too much with primary colors.

For example, if you’re looking for a warm and rustic surface with dark undertones, Cohler recommends considering knobs, handles and hinges with a Brushed Copper finish, available from such cabinet hardware brands as Amerock Hardware. A copper finish has the versatility to blend with both modern and traditional décor.

• Layered Look: Combining a range of finishes can give you a layered effect, which is visually interesting. Avoid fittings that are identical or match everything in the room, says Cohler.

• Cabinets: When it comes to decorative hardware for cabinets, a coordinated look is still the most popular among homeowners. For the more adventurous, try a modified mixing of hardware. For instance, you can have all your wall cupboards fitted with brass and all the base cabinets and drawers with copper hardware.

• Don’t get bored: Fashion conscious homeowners should consider keeping two sets of cabinet hardware on hand and change them every other year to keep the look fresh. Swapping them out is simple, and just requires a screwdriver.

• Make it Easy: For many people, choosing cabinet hardware can be confusing and arbitrary. However, narrowing your search to a curated collection can make the process easier. For example, AmerockNOW curated by Cohler, captures regional style trends across the country, with refreshed styles and new finishes that blend with both traditionally styled interiors and more contemporary decors. 

More information about new products, as well as design tips and regional trends can be found at

From functional hinges and screws to decorative knobs and backplates, updating small details throughout your home is a great avenue for personal expression and trend-setting.