Patti Gay column:Tommy Nguyen sets pace with 745 series

Published 7:13 pm Saturday, February 9, 2013

With several good scores this past week, Tommy Nguyen lead the way and never looked back. After completing his league bowling on Monday night in the Valero league, Tommy had rolled games of 254-267 and 224 for a 745 series.  

    Branden Powell-268-267-732, Bo Cohrt-279-266-726, Skipper Arsenault-266-236-219-721, Darrell McKee-237-238-235-710, and Roger Hartwig-236-227-246-709, 237-235-228-700 all rolled at least a 700 series.

 MONDAY SENIOR:  Rick Hermsen-237-672, VJ Willis Sr-196-535, Gloria Divello-216

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 VALERO: Tommy Nguyen-254-267-224-745, Branden Powell-268-267-732, Darrell McKee-237-238-235-710, Roger Hartwig-236-227-246-709, Mack McPhatter-238-686, CJ Moity-258-670, Mark Maxwell-257-652, Kelly Gaspard-216-608, James Neel-224-219-606, Walter Tucker-215-223-606, Ryan Smith-213-204-591, Aaron Vanover-200-211-565, Dee Dennis-202-564, Chris Marze-204-558, Blaine Davis-184-189-516, Bruce VanBoskirk-166-190-512, Elaine Whitten-217-471, Sean Mouchette-279, Rob Kistner-264, Tray Batson-259, Kurt Cullums-246, James Pitre-224, David Jones-224, Smokey Rodrigues-224, Alan Kay-211, Larry Swiderski-211, Lewis Garza-209, Alanda Boldt-205, Eric Kyles-194, Tim Johnson-161

  ROAD RUNNERS: Roger Hartwig-237-235-228-700, Rick Hermsen-255-679, Venix Morris-244-232-645, Mary Kay Rios-167, Joyce Evans-153

  QUEEN TUMBLERS: Connie Mathison-544, Jackie Schell-526, Alice Barnes-521, Donna Kelly-187-192-518, Stephnie Harrison-511, Lynne Richter-503, Dot Font-204-501, Beverly Wallace-147-412, Flo Benoit-181, Martha Thomasson-180, Donna Loupe-178, Janice Todora-170

  GOLDEN OLDIES SRS: Venix Morris-231-602, Bill Blackman-192-528, James Pitre-236, Frank Rios-179-171

  MID COUNTY MIXED:  Vladie Quirante-192-538, Cameron Naron-181-491, Rose Quirante-183

  FUNBOWLERS: Bill White-254-682, John Allen-246-664, Michelle Powell-213-598, Sidney Badon-198-561, Eric Monarch-167-480, Dolores Ridrigues-170-431, Sean Mouchette-236, Chris Wolfe-232, Carl Quinn-222, Ashley Nunez-222, Bob Grusecki-207, Aubrey McKee-204, Larry Perio-203, Ronald Leonard-201, Chris Merritt-198, Shannon Quinn-193, Allison Simon-187, Shawn Sachs-176

  MEGA MONEY: Bo Cohrt-279-266-726, Skipper Arsenault-266-236-219-721, Mark Maxwell-249-256-697, Curtis Harrington-236-237-687, Jeff Wright-257-682, Jonathan Martin-252-667, Wesley Williams-246-664, Charlie Rhodes-240-662, Rick Hermsen-256-660, Colby Daniel-233-235-659, Paul Morvant-237-231-654, Bobby Clark-239-654, Andrew Pridemore-218-637, Wayne Pratt-258-624, Jonathan Wolfe-236-202-619, Phil Rogers-225-202-617, Cole Guidry-234-616, Rynald Allen Jr-219-598, Pete Chiasson-234-584, Caleb Klein-204-564, Don Pope-235-562, Jacob Monceaux-266-557, Isaac Rollins Jr-196-505, George Gund-267, Chris Rhodes-265, Shane Harlow-258, Zim Morris-256, Benjamin Wolfe-255, Matthew Wolfe-248, Chris Chiasson-247, Tommy Nguyen-238, Georgeann Richardson-236, Gary Martin-235, Hardy Charles-233, Rex Morris-230, Dustin Richardson-229, Chuck Burns-227, Devin Rankin-223, Joseph Wolfe-222,  Randy Callahan-219, Tony Falgout-217, Jeff Hayes-214, Troy Berg-211, Renee Moity-210, Marcus Joseph-209, Derrick Pete-203, Bob Wechteniser-197, Tammy Nick-188

  FRIDAY FUN BUNCH: Martha Mitchell-157-348, Stephanie Harrison-210

  STARS OF TOMORROW: Katie Quinn-201-204-574, Griffin Williams-200-565