ASK A COP: Engine braking signs explained, quota myth debunked

Published 8:34 am Monday, June 4, 2012

•Eb from Port Arthur asks: The new sign installed on twin city, southbound lane across the street from Time Warner office say something about engine brake prohibited. What does that sign mean?

Answer: Eb that sign is for commercial vehicle drivers, it doesn’t pertain to passenger cars and trucks. Some municipalities as well as Port Arthur has outlawed the use of engine brakes which is commonly used by commercial truck drivers to help slow the vehicle down, but its a very loud popping sound when applied. So Port Arthur has outlawed engine brake use to stop it citizens from being disturbed by the loud noise from commercial trucks.


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•Vanessa from Beaumont asks: I read where you advised last week on your desire to save lives by issuing tickets, but what about your quotas for tickets that police have to meet?

Answer: Excellent question Vanessa I’m sure many has the same question. Quotas are illegal at Port Arthur Police Dept and all others across this country, quotas are illegal if practiced. No supervisor can require/demand any officer to write X amount of tickets daily, weekly, monthly, nor yearly. Citation issuance it up to the officer who stopped you. So the sayings that we are all familiar with like ” its the end of the month, they have to meet their quotas,” are all false.


•Rob from Port Neches asks: We understand the “Click it or Ticket” program is set to save lives of vehicle occupants. However, we have observed in some municipalities the use of golf carts on city streets being operated by adults with kids as passengers. At other times we have seen young teens, pre-teens driving a golf cart. There are no seatbelts to keep passengers inside a golf carts safe so haw can this be legal when we as a license adult inside a automobile can receive a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt.

Answer: Rob you said it best “some municipalities”. You will have to check with your local police dept. or look into your city ordinance to find out about the license requirement for golf cart operators. And as of yet Rob “Golf Carts” seatbelts usage or requirement has not been legislated in Texas. Remember at one time seatbelts were not required in school buses. I stand with you, I believe if you permit them to be driven on some city streets then safety belts should be required.



•Carol from Groves asks: On hwy 69 at Hwy 365 northbound where you go make the u-turn underneath the hwy to go southbound there is a solid white line, is it illegal to cross over the white line?

Answer: Its never a good ideal to cross over a solid white line Carol. But I must say its not illegal to cross a solid white line. That solid line was placed there in an effort to guide the traffic to stop congestion but I’ve observed many people stop there like its a stop sign. If you continue to travel south until the line ends you will easily be able to merge into traffic.


•James from Port Arthur asks: I’ve tried to get my car inspected before it was due but failed because of my windshield was cracked. Can I still operate my vehicle with the windshield being damaged.

Answer: James if the windshield is damaged to the point it wouldn’t pass inspection, you could be cited for defective equipment. Thats why the state of Texas require every registered motor vehicle on our roadway to have an annual inspection. To insure the vehicle meets minimum requirement of safety inspection for safe travel on our roadways. So I would say yes it would be illegal for you to operate your vehicle in that condition.

Once again “Thanks for you questions” this proves that our community can be united through education with PAPD. Keep your questions coming. We at PAPD want to make sure we make every effort to educate or community and those who commute here daily.

Remember to email me your question at, or call 409-984-8541, mail Ofc. Rickey Antoine 645 4th Street  Port Arthur, Texas 77640. Or if you happen to see me in public you can “Ask a Cop”