Friendship spills over into helping others

Published 8:29 am Monday, May 16, 2011

The twins adopted by a local club make up the civic part of Friendship Social & Civic Club. The Dallas Cowboys party bus makes up the social part.

Dianne Alexis, president, said the seven members meet at member homes and engage in several acts of good work. They’ve recently adopted a set of twins and assembled Easter baskets for them.

“We got them by accident, by being somewhere, I guess, at the right time. We took it upon ourselves to take them under our wings and buy them things. We just got them and it was for Easter that we bought them clothes,” Alexis said.

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Friendship members already have summer plans for these children, and are also working on scholarship projects and staying active with visits to nursing homes.

“We go there to bring trinkets and stuff for those who don’t have relatives, toiletries,” Alexis said.

While members pledge to have fun, they agree they’re also assembled for a higher cause.

“Because it’s not all about us. We always try to do what we can for anyone in this community. It may not be much, but we are always there to help,” Alexis said.

Friendship member Sherold Alpough can attest to the social part of the group. She helps assemble the annual party buses to a Dallas Cowboys game.

“We have the best time. Going to Dallas is hard work. We work so hard in trying to get all this together,” she said.

The group assembles at City Hall’s parking lot.

“We get on the bus and we say our prayers for traveling and the first thing you hear is the pop, pop, popping,” Alpough said.

She was referring to drink cans opening. Then comes trademark chicken salad sandwiches, chicken, boudin, chips, and tamales. They set up a hospitality room at the hotel with line dancing.

“We carry our own DJs,” she added.

Despite this legendary party, Alpough said the good works are a main part of the club’s activities.

“Every year we look back and it amazes us at what we accomplish. Whenever we can, we lend a helping hand,” she said.

Other members are: Willie Mae Johnson, Angel Dupuy, Priscilla Campbell, Sue James and Cheryl Matthews.