, Port Arthur, Texas

May 20, 2011

Live music to fill Setx weekend

Tommy Mann, Jr.
The Port Arthur News

— Festivals, theater and live music are the things to do this week across the region, so pick one, or even two, and have fun.

Texas Cajun Heritage Fest

Damon Troy and Final Five, Sean Vidrine and da’ Classics, Billy Poullard and Zydeco Combo, Steve Riley and The Mamou Playboys, Tim Dugas and Zydecane, Dallas Street Ramblers, from 9 a.m. - 10 p.m., Saturday, City of Orange Boat Ramp on Simmons Drive. Parking and Admission Free. No pets, no coolers.


Greenlight Caravan, Friday, $5. The Fuse, Saturday, $5. Todd Howard, Tuesday, free. Karaoke, Wednesday, free. Ages 21 and older. 409-722-1600.

Jake’s Place

Karaoke, Saturday, free. Ages 21 and older. 409-721-5852.

The Boudain Hut

Creole Cookin’ Friday and Saturday. Riding High, Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday. Karaoke, Tuesday. Free. 409-962-5079.

Momma’s Place

Saddle Broke, Vintage Thunder, Big Shot Bazaar, and Spun Isle, Saturday, formerly known as Dixie Pool Hall. $5. Ages 21 and older.


Pine Tree Lodge

Port Arthur Playboys, Sunday, free. All ages.

Larry’s French Market

Jackie Caillier and Cajun Cousins, Friday. Barry Badon and Bayou Boys, Saturday. Clint Flauk and Sherrie Lynn, Thursday. 409-962-3381.


Capri Club

Karaoke, Friday. Karaoke, Thursday. $10 per year membership. Ages 21 and older. 409-724-1030.

The Pavilion at Coushatta

Whitesnake and Warrant, Saturday, $75.50-$45.50. All Ages. 800-584-7263.


“Hairspray” 7:37 p.m., Friday and Saturday; 2:37 p.m., Sunday. All Ages. Admission $15-$8. 409-882-9137.

Big Nasty’s

Karaoke, Friday, free. Sgt. Doobie, Saturday, free. Ages 21 and older. 409-697-3053.


Do Not Destroy, Saturday, $5 at the door. El Floppy Tacos, Tuesday on the patio, free. Karaoke, Wednesday, free. Ages 21 and older. 409-924-9777.


Thomas Cokinos, Saturday, free. Kris Harper, Wednesday, free. 409-861-2500

Starvin’ Marvin’s

Katy Whitney and The Draw, Friday, free. Paula Nelson with Sabine River and Mixx Fixxer, Saturday, free. Open Mic Night, Tuesday, free. Chris Johnson unplugged, Wednesday, free. Coal Train, Thursday, free. 409-347-0058.

The Gig

Club Salsa, Friday, $10. Knuckle Deep, Edgemore and Wimberly, Saturday, Ages 18 and older. $7-$12.

The Art Studio

Cousin Phelpy, Cussins’, Jenny & the Reincarnation, StrangeGun, Timothy Abshire, Saturday, All ages. $5. 409-838-5393.

Tequila Rok

The Kingdom Mafia, Skanky Dave, Southern Death Toll, Lockehart, Avaris. Friday. Ages 18 and older. $5.

Logon Cafe

The Rick Show, Friday, $5. Book of Days, Saturday, $5. Puente, Thursday, $5.


Andrew Guidry, Friday, free. Going No Where, Saturday, free. Ages 21 and older. 409-866-6066

Beaumont Civic Center

“Celtic Woman: Songs from the Heart,” Friday, $65-$30, all ages. 409-838-3435


Knuckle Deep unplugged, Friday, $5. Ages 21 and older.

Mackenzie’s Pub

The Lava Daddy’s, Saturday, $7.  Ed Dix and Friends, Tuesday, free. BB and Company, Thursday, $7. Ages 21 and older.

Honky Tonk Texas

Dale Watson, Saturday, $10, doors at 6 p.m. Ages 21 and older.

Texas Longhorn

Justin McBride, Friday, $25. Ages 18 and older.

L’Auberge du Lac

Collective Soul, Thursday, $10. Ages 21 and older.

Send all entertainment listings to or call 409-721-2819.