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December 8, 2012

Disappointing finish for Nederland's seniors

HOUSTON — HOUSTON — Few senior classes get to end the season with a victory. For Nederland’s talented group of two- and three-year starters, the season ended Saturday at the Berry Center.

Just after the Eagles finished off a 38-6 victory over the Bulldogs, it was hard for seniors like quarterback Carson Raines, cornerback Zach Taylor or defensive end Koby Couron to see past the pain.

“It’s starting to hit me,” Raines said. “I guess when I wake up Monday and don’t have to go to practice, I’ll realize this season is over.”

But, with a little perspective and time away from the end, they’ll be able to call themselves one of the most successful senior classes in Nederland’s recent history. This group of seniors won 28 games in the past three years, including a 5-2 record in the playoffs the past two seasons.

Raines finishes his Nederland career as the top passer, throwing for 4,136 yards and 37 touchdowns in three seasons as a starter. Both Michael Shaw and Seth Barrow end their tenure as receivers in the top 10 all-time. Shaw also had 300 rushing yards, averaging a cool 12 yards per carry.

Couron, defensive tackle Brock Pryor, Taylor, and linebackers Jordan Wood and Korbin Stampley were part of the best statistical defense Nederland has had in the past 20 years. They all contributed to a group that intercepted 19 passes this season and scored eight defensive touchdowns.

For a lot of reasons, this Bulldog class will be missed.

“It doesn’t take long to reflect on what these guys have done,” Neumann said. “I told them this may have been the best football team I’ve coached. That’s a tribute to these young men, especially these seniors. They raised the bar this year and that’s going to help our program. This was a special group, very unique and I’m proud to have the privilege to coach them.

“We’ve had some great senior classes at Nederland. I don’t want to slight any of them, but these guys have been great. They’ve been fun to be around.”

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