, Port Arthur, Texas

December 1, 2012

Patti Gay column: Batson roars to top with 300 game

Patti Gay
The Port Arthur News

PORT ARTHUR — Tray Batson had only a 3 pin cushion when it was all said and done for the top spot at Max Bowl Port Arthur.  With a 215 for his first game, it seemed to be just another night of league.  Obviously, Tray found his groove upon starting the second game as he finished with a 253 and ended the night with a perfect score of 300 for a nice 766 series.  

Tommy Nguyen, competing in the same Valero league, also had a good night with a 258-237-268-763.  Sami Jo Williams was the leading lady of the week with a high game of 255 and a 673 series. George Gund-258-300-744, Tommy Nguyen-277-214-248-739, Derek Williams-235-280-216-731, Jimmy Calder-213-226-288-727, Eric Harrington-204-236-266-706, & CJ Moity-232-232-237-701 all scored a series over 700.

MONDAY SENIORS:  Tommy Girolamo-257-690, Cotton Glidewell-231-210-635, James Pitre-230-625, Phil Rogers-211-200-583, VJ WillisSr-215-533, Bill Blackman-190-529, Rey Diestro-218, Gloria Divello-202

VALERO:    Tray Batson-213-253-300-766, Tommy Nguyen-258-237-268-763, CJ Moity-232-232-237-701, John Allen-245-690, Mike Doyle-258-684, Robert Duke-269-678, Sami Jo Williams-255-673, Bill White-241-247-673, Sean Mouchette-228-659, Darrell McKee-245-221-654, Mark Maxwell-254-644, James Neel-238-220-628, David Jones-236-231-623, Walter Tucker-205-609, Paul McKee-223-605, Eric Kyles-209-585, Larry St Andrew-205-214-582, John Tsai-233-580, Andrew Havens-213-570, Alanda Boldt-209-564, Justin Cates-211-545, Lewis Garza-207-541, Royce Robbins-198-541, Kelsey DelValle-214-540, Kerry Stevens-200-528, Colin Mann-202-506, Joey Ancelet-156-376, Kurt Cullums-278, Brandi Batson-249, Mack McPhatter-231, Bob Cullums-223, Aaron Vanover-215, Sammy McGlory-214, Sandy Robins-203, Casey Tucker-191, Blaine Davis-188, Dolores Rodrigues-164, Heather Cooper-160

ROADRUNNERS:  CJ Moity-236-669, Gary Vincent-224-236-657, Don Bourg-253-646, Oliver Balagot-207-571, Venix Morris-225-543, Chris Heath-177-468, Rick Hermsen-243, Robert Seymour-214, Hedy Zampini-183, Charlotte Banks-168

QUEEN TUMBLERS:  Connie Mathison-202-557, Flo Benoit-189-177-176-542! Jackie Schell-191-527, Brenda Dodson-174-485, Jenni Beaumont-186, Bel Garcia-183

GOLDEN OLDIES SRS:  Tommy Girolamo-257-670, James Pitre-230-226-648, bill Lawless-196-521, Cynthia Williams-156-410, Cliff Mosley-234, William Gore-182, John Beard-175

FUNBOWLERS:  Bill White-246-698, RaeAnna Todora-246-671, Tammy Berg-263-579, Johnny Simon-204-563, Becky Wier-205-502, Jerry Richardson-224, Sidney Badon-217, Eric Kyles-211, Dean Salles-211, Ronald Leonard-200, Charlene Wersig-192, Dawn Carona-190, Dara Monceaux-179, Bobby Abraham-172, Kaleena Lamb-155, Kristi Doucet-150

MEGA MONEY:  George Gund-258-300-744, Tommy Nguyen-277-214-248-739, Derek Williams-235-280-216-731, Jimmy Calder-213-226-288-727, Eric Harrington-204-236-266-706, Bill White-235-692, David Feldschau-256-689, Travis Johnson-244-677, Jonathan Martin-256-677, James Pitre-236-636, Roynald Allen Jr-268-618, Karen Bellow-222-208-610, Tony Falgout-232-589, Tammy Berg-202-545, Tammy Nick-220-516, Cory Walker-175-470,  Chris Chiasson-277, Gary Vincent-258, Tray Batson-258, Wayne Lavergne-248, Skipper Arsenault-246, Rick Hermsen-244, Rick Malmberg-243, Devin Rankin-237, CJ Moity-236, Robert Seymour-233, Bubba Lear-232, Jared Morein-227, Ronnie Sonnier-225, Troy Berg-220, Colby Daniel-218, Tom Roberts-217, Rhonda Stout-215, John Lemonis-210, Phil Rogers-204, Linda Singleton-202, Bret Chipman-202, Paul Morvant-200, Blaine Daniel-196, Clint Foster-170, Aaron Richardson-161



FRIDAY FUN BUNCH:  Stephnie Harrison-218-203-543, Charline Hanauer-153-373, Sylvia Thomas-170