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November 17, 2012

Patti Gay column: Eric Postula''s 744 leads way at Max Bowl


 Erik Postula was back on top of the leader board this past week after competing in the Mega Money league. 

At Max Bowl on Thursday night he started with a 253, followed with his high game of 267 and finished strong with a 224, leaving him with a 744 series.  Following close behind were Mark Maxwell-279-249-721 and  Bruce Hasch-225-270-226-721. 


The other keglers topping the 700 mark were Robert Kistner-255-214-249-718, Russell Hebert-247-201-267-715, and Eric Harrington-234-224-244-702.  I would like to wish you all a blessed Thanksgiving, and safe travels. 



MONDAY SENIORS:  Tommy Girolamo-247-650, Rick Hermsen-644, Rey Diestro-212-600, Venix Morris-193-529, Jerry LeBleu-196-500, Cynthia Williams-195


FUNBOWLERS:  Bruce Hasch-225-270-226-721, Bob Grusecki-202-221-621, RaeAnna Todora-225-224-611, James Neel-219-596, Ken Johnson-208-578, Alan Kay-202-546, Ricky Neilson-175-177-508, Charlene Wersig-167-483, Kathy Mills-128-141-367, Bill White-246, Jerry Richardson-229, Sidney Badon-226, Stuart Ellis-224, John Schmidt-223, Kerry Stevens-211, Dean Salles-211, Melinda Badon-210, Charles Venable-209, Chris Merritt-165


MEGA MONEY:  Erik Postula-253-267-224-744, Mark Maxwell-279-249-721, Robert Kistner-255-214-249-718, Russell Hebert-247-201-267-715, Eric Harrington-234-224-244-702, Chris Chiasson-244-697, Logan Lomasney-244-222-223-689, Robert Duke-247-680, Bubba Lear-245-236-677, Trint Miguez-247-661, Jonathan Martin-224-661, Bill White-238-660, Shane Harlow-246-232-659, CJ Moity-233-242-654, Sami Jo Williams-264-653, RaeAnna Todora-223-627, Marcus Joseph-212-214-619, Chris Edwards-247-619, Roynald Allen Sr-232-612, Trey Todora-216-604, Hardy Charles-243-600, Lewis Garza-217-595, Jacob Askew-223-583, Rhonda Stout-211-213-576, Caleb Klein-219-570, Bob Wechteniser-198-190-559, Linda Singleton-213-551, Donna Rhodes-202-542, Darlene Anderson-198-174-535, Blaine Daniel-191-515, Patsy Ronquille-205-501, Kristen Williams-166-442, Wayne Lavergne-255, Tray Batson-252, George Parsley-246, Paul Vaughan-245, Jimmy Calder-245, Rick Malmberg-245, Tommy Nguyen-236, Rick Hermsen-233, Sergio Garza-232, Cuong Cao-219, Rob Lowe-217, Andrew Pridemaore-214, Cole Guidry-208, Randy Callahan-205, Jo Ann Williams-202, James Morein-202, Rex Morris-201, Roynald Allen Jr-201, Pete Chiasson-201


STARS OF TOMORROW:  Anna Verdecia-215-577, Matthew Maxwell-212-560, Kayla Gallegos-182-184-503, Brandon Bertrand-201, Mark Petersberger-196, Brandon Seymour-175, Kyleigh Robin-110


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