, Port Arthur, Texas

January 19, 2013

Patti Gay column: Branden Powell sets sizzling pace

Patti Gay
The Port Arthur News

PORT ARTHUR —    This week belongs to Branden Powell!  While competing @ Max Bowl in the Mega Money league, Branden rolled out games of 249-269 and 254 for an excellent 772 series.  

    Kudo goes out to Tray Batson, Valero league, for the only other 700 series (248-276-235-759) and John Allen for his 300 game in the Funbowlers league.  Have a blessed week!

MONDAY SENIOR:  VJ Willis Sr-227-535

VALERO:   Tray Batson-248-276-235-759, Skipper Arsenault-256-696, Mack McPhatter-279-689, Shane Harlow-244-685, James Neel-247-237-653, James Pitre-238-637, Ryan Smith-247-610, Paul McKee-209-213-586, Justin Sanders-226-574, Royce Robbins-203-543, Robert Foret-193-469, Kirwin Melo-254, CJ Moity-247, Mark Maxwell-235, Richard Cooper-225, Justin Cates-217, Paul Mann-214, Smokey Rodrigues-212, Rusty Doucet-211, Jamal Lowe-206, Maryana Kimball-203, Justin Holmes-184

ROAD RUNNERS:  Phil Rogers-210-227-218-655, Don Bourg-217-595, Brenda Normand-202-527, Roger Hartwig-235, Blanch Comeaux-210, Bill Allen-205, Venix Morris-205, Oliver Balagot-204

 QUEEN TUMBLERS:  Connie Mathison-204-543, Stephanie Harrison-234-524, Jackie Schell-200, June Badon-160

 GOLDEN OLDIES SRS:  Donald Bourg-224-592, Hedy Zampini-193-503, Tommy Girolamo-278, Bill Lawless-214, Blanch Comeaux-190, William Gore-182, John Beard-175

MID COUNTY MIXED:  Shirley Agustin-194

FUNBOWLERS:  Bo Cohrt-255-672, Larry Perio-247-243-660, Richard Beaumont-254-653, John Allen-300-643, Dean Wersig-237-639, Chris Wolfe-211-220-620, Kerry Stevens-213-201-587, Bob Grusecki-232-579, Rusty Crow-204-567, Dawn Corona-226-562, Ricky Neilson-175-481, Dianna Hinton-200-445, Danny Norris-203, Bobby Abraham-187, Kara Monceaux-178

MEGA MONEY:   Branden Powell-249-269-254-772, Charlie Rhodes-235-237-686,Jeff Wright-244-659, Hardy Charles-277-655, Roynald Allen Jr-248-631, Dustin Richardson-224-627, Jonathan Wolfe-212-205-607, Rusty Doucet-232-606, Jeff Anderson-243-583, Kristen Williams-186-478, George Gund-269, Erik Postula-255, Curtis Harrington-255, George Parsley-243, Trint Miguez-239, Randy Callahan-233, Travis Johnson-232, Tommy Nguyen-230, Rob Lowe-229, Tom Roberts-227, Benjamin Wolfe-225, Mike Charles-225-223, Pete Chiasson-223, Wayne Pratt-213, Marc Lombard-212, Tommy Courmier-203, Gary Biegas-199, Eric Kyles-195

FRIDAY FUN BUNCH:  Stephanie Harrison-189-186-533, Beverly Wallace-155, Elvira Jones-148

STARS OF TOMORROW:  Mark Petersberger-182