, Port Arthur, Texas


December 1, 2012

Chester Moore column: Zebra mussels spreading in Texas


PORT ARTHUR —     Zebra mussels grow quickly and in some cases can become sexually mature in 3-12 months, living for two to three years.

TPWD asks boaters to clean their boat or trailer of all vegetation, mud and algae, then to drain all water from motors, livewells, bilge, and other sources of water retention.

    In addition they want boaters to let boats and boating equipment dry for about a week between uses in different water bodies as anything that retains water has the potential to host the larvae.

    Officials in the north are considering another source of spreading: waterfowlers.

    “After hunting, take a few minutes to clean plants and mud and drain water from duck boats, decoys, decoy lines, waders and push poles,” said Christine Herwig, Minnessotta DNR invasive species specialist.

    “It’s the key to avoiding the spread of aquatic invasive species in waterfowl habitat.”

    DNR recommends that waterfowl hunters switch to elliptical, bulb-shaped or strap decoy anchors and that waterfowl hunters should also drain water from boats and equipment.

     Waterfowl hunters should remember that they must cut cattails or other   plants above the water line when using them as camouflage for boats or blinds.

    Retrievers are even being targeted as a potential source of spread but there has no verification as of yet.

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