, Port Arthur, Texas


November 3, 2012

Patti Gay column: Hartwig rolls top series at Max Bowl

PORT ARTHUR —  Roger Hartwig, averaging 212 in the Valero league, was the lead bowler last week at Max Bowl Port Arthur. Roger rolled games of 257-224 and 278 for a 759 series and managed to stay 10 pins ahead of Skipper Arsenault who had a 278-236-235-749 series in the same league. Other top bowlers were Chuck Hall-247-214-264-725, Bo Cohrt-237-222-255-714, Tommy Nguyen-235-245-227-707, and Derrick Rivers-268-279-703.

 MONDAY SENIORS: Cotton Glidewell-238-624, Don Dunn-227-600, Bill Lawless-206-558, Venix Morris-201-545, William Gore-181-505, Rick Hermsen-249, Gloria Divello-202

 VALERO: Roger Hartwig-257-224-278-759, Skipper Arsenault-278-236-235-749, Tommy Nguyen-235-245-227-707, Derrick Rivers-268-279-703, Shane Harlow-244-673, Mack McPhatter-237-665, Rusty Doucet-226-201-214-641, Ashley Nunez-237-221-633, James Pitre-223-624, Ryan Smith-222-201-603, John Parent-225-600, Stan Ruth-211-592, Justin Tremont-218-586, Justin Cates-204-566, Blaine Davis-202-540, Russell Hebert-256, Bill White-244, Casey Smith-242, Sean Mouchette-236, Robert Seymour-231, Tharen Robertson-229, Clinton Hancock-222, Ray Gaspard-212, Murphy Burch-211, Brandi Batson-205, Colin Mann-194, Richard Lamance-175

 QUEEN TUMBLERS: Connie Mathison-547, Betty Shannon-201-502, Bel Garcia-197-483, Martha Thomasson-171

 GOLDEN OLDIES: Don Bourg-203-577, Venix Morris-214-551, Oliver Balagot-206-542, Frank Rios-186-482, Blanch Comeaux-182-464, John Anderson-227, Phil Rogers-221, Hedy Zampini-202

 GOLDEN OLDIES SRS: William Gore-177-494, James Pitre-235, Donald Bourg-206, Art Leon-172

 MID COUNTY MIXED: Chuck Hall-247-214-264-725, Marvin Balagot-213, Israel Guidry-196

 FUNBOWLERS: Bo Cohrt-237-222-255-714, Eric Kyles-225-252-639, James Roberson-257-225-636, Ken Johnson-232-613, Chris Wolfe-211-594, James Neel-217, John Schmidt-210, Laura Scully-180, Charlene Wersig-179

 STARS OF TOMORROW: Griffin Williams-201-223-600, Brandon Seymour-187-526, Katie Quinn-219, Jarred Maxwell-209, Brandon Bertrand-201, Kayla Kay-176


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