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October 3, 2012

Coleman Fantasy Football: Some high picks have been disappointing



After Johnson rushed for 141 yards on 25 carries against Houston (more than tripling his yardage total for the season), he’s at a perfect place to dump, if you feel so inclined. His value could only take a dive from this point, so if you can land either another runner who’s having a solid season (like the aforementioned Richardson, for example), it’d be a great time to swing a trade.

Is there a chance Johnson merely had a slow start to the season? Sure, but through the first four games, we’re getting an idea that the Titans are going to struggle this season to score points. If that’s the case, they’ll likely be playing for behind an awful lot, giving Johnson few opportunities to go over 20 carries in a game.

That’s why it makes sense to trade him now, while he’s got some value. Who are some other guys who may have had disappointing starts and could be available for trade?

Aaron Rodgers, QB, Green Bay – Things don’t look great for Mr. Discount Double-Check. Rodgers has thrown half as many interceptions in his first three games as he did in 16 games last season. He also threw just three TD passes in his first three games before torching a bad Saints secondary for four scores last week. He’s only thrown for over 300 yards twice in four games and is missing his top wideout in Greg Jennings.

There are reasons for owners to be concerned about Rodgers, which makes him a great buy-low option. Cedric Benson continues to get carries in that offense and it doesn’t look like Rodgers will be able to duplicate last season’s performance. However, he’d be an upgrade over virtually every other QB in the league, so it’s worth exploring if you can pry him loose this week.

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