, Port Arthur, Texas


March 23, 2013

Chester Moore column: Hot spot reliance hurts angles


PORT ARTHUR —     By looking at a map however, they could see there are numerous bayous and by seeking out several and finding the ones with the greatest concentrations of bait, their chances of catching are much, much better.

    There are many factors that contribute to fishing success and only a small portion has to do with a specific location. Fish are driven by everything from tide to wind to water clarity, bait availability, cover, barometric pressure and even fishing pressure. You can fish a location that produced great the day before but the barometric pressure could be high and what was a 10 trout day for your friend could turn into a zero bite day for you.

    Another example would be if your friend tells you the trout bit at the mouth of Green’s Bayou yesterday and they caught a three-man limit by 10 am.

    You get there at the crack of daylight but did not factor in that a strong west wind blew all night and muddied the water up. Your friends had a light southeast wind and the clarity was great but you are fishing water that looks like chocolate milk.

    Most anglers might know to go farther into the cut to find clean water or perhaps even run and find protected shorelines in the channel with clean water and a high concentration of mullet or shrimp for trout.

    However, if your total reliance is on the location, there is no way to respond to the immediate conditions.

    Throughout this year, we are going to use this column in a greater way to talk about the many factors that contribute to fishing success and even specifically how they apply to our area. It will be an exciting journey and one I look forward to with great enthusiasm.

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