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August 5, 2013

David Coleman: Opening day schoolboy football talking points

NEDERLAND — Here’s some things to talk about while I try to come up with a better name for this …

1) Reviewing practice rules

Since football has again returned to the Golden Triangle via practices opening up at schools across the area, let’s review the rules put into place last season about the first four days of camp.

Teams were allowed to begin “conditioning” work on Monday and must go four days without pads. There can be no contact activities in said practices, though teams can run two-a-day workouts during this time. The only “contact” equipment that can be worn in this time is helmets. That means no shoulder, hip or thigh pads. Do players even wear hip pads anymore?

Oh, and the UIL also defined “contact” for its 90 minutes per week rule. Meant to limit full contact practices, the UIL will let teams do the following types of practices without counting toward the 90 minute limit.

* Air- Players should run unopposed without bags or any opposition

* Bags- activity is executed against a bag, shield or pad to allow for a soft-contact

surface, with or without the resistance of a teammate or coach standing behind the


* Wrap-Drills run at full speed until contact, which is above the waist with the

players remaining on their feet.

* Thud- Same as wrap but tempo is competitive with no pre-determined winner and

the players are not tackling to the ground

See? Not really something that will change how teams practice. Most of the teams in the area only go “thud” during game weeks anyway.

2) Babe Ruth World Series team not affecting Nederland football

The Mid-County Babe Ruth 16-18 all-star team is heading to the World Series in Alabama in about a week. There are a number of athletes from the area on the team, including Kanton Richard, Seth Barrow and Aaron Graham.

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