, Port Arthur, Texas

March 9, 2013

BOWLING COLUMN: SETX youth hold tournament

The Port Arthur News

— The SETX Youth recently held their City Tournament.  I will need to get final results for the double, singles, and team but I can tell you who was crowned City Champ. Griffin Williams, rolling out some terrific scores of 688, 596 & 695 had a scratch score of 1976 to proudly accept the title of 2013 SETX Youth City Champion.  Congratulations Griffin!

In league play, Branden Powell and Sami Jo Williams took the top spots last week at Max Bowl Port Arthur.  Branden tossed out a 279-248-255-782, and Sami Jo a 236-256-217-709.  Not surprising anyone, all 3 of these bowlers are related!  It is most assuredly-all in the family!  Honorable mention goes to the following: Roger Hartwig-264-233-266-763, Ronnie Sonnier-202-278-258-738, Erik Postula-278-201-254-733, Bobby Clark-236-278-215-729, CJ Moity-268-219-225-712 & 246-256-700, Rick Hermsen-208-277-226-711, Shane Harlow-238-247-226-711, Derek Williams-254-233-224-711, Skipper Arsenault-234-255-220-709, Wayne Lavergne-268-246-709, Bo Cohrt-224-246-236-706, & Russell Hebert-214-255-233-705.

MONDAY SENIOR: Rick Hermsen-208-277-226-711, Venix Morris-244-202-211-657, Bill Blackman-206-210-614, Jerry LeBleu-200, Phil Rogers-200

VALERO: Branden Powell-279-248-255-782, Roger Hartwig-264-233-266-763, Sami Jo Williams-236-256-217-709, Skipper Arsenault-234-255-220-709, Russell Hebert-214-255-233-705, John Allen-268-686, Mack McPhatter-259-679, Ray Gaspard-233-225-645, Walter Tucker-232-630, Carl Quinn-233-606, Brandi Batson-200-200-583, Justin Cates-257-582, Rob Kistner-264, Tommy Nguyen-256, Sean Mouchette-247, Robert Brewer-233, David Jones-226, Eric Monarch-223, Clinton Hancock-222, John Tsai-216, Lynn Richter-205, Mark Simon-200, Maryana Kimball-195, Khoi Nguyen-184, Sandy Robbins-180, Cindy Doyle-162, Bebe Nugier-145

ROAD RUNNERS: CJ Moity-268-219-225-712, Oliver Balagot-213-598, Venix Morris-201-225-589, Joyce Evans-133-368, Rick Hermsen-258, Bill Lawless-223, Gloria Divello-213, Lewis Garza-211, Marvin Ermel-201, Hedy Zampini-190

GOLDEN OLDIES SRS: Gary Vincent-236-246-697, Bill Blackman-213-579, Gloria Divello-237, John Beard-200, Chuck Burns-194, Sue Morris-192

QUEEN TUMBLERS: Dot Font-200-532, Betty Shannon-192-529, Alice Barnes-212-529, Flo Benoit-185, Janice Todora-155

FUNBOWLERS: Stuart Ellis-268-658, Shannon O’Connor-259-654, James Roberson-210-607, Aubrey McKee-246-606, Jerry Thompson-192-190-203-585, Tammy Berg-207-569, Johnny Simon-208-538, Tony Mills-188-168-177-533, Bill White-256, Dean Wersig-243, Carl Quinn-225, Eric Monarch-225, Larry Perio-222, Shannon Quinn-221, Sidney Badon-203, Alan Kay-203, Mike Wagner-200, Charles Venable-199, Clint Foster-174

MEGA MONEY: Ronnie Sonnier-202-278-258-738, Erik Postula-278-201-254-733, Bobby Clark-236-278-215-729,  Shane Harlow-238-247-226-711, Derek Williams-254-233-224-711, Wayne Lavergne-268-246-709, Bo Cohrt-224-246-236-706, CJ Moity-246-256-700, Glenn Lee-224-276-688, Don Pastor-245-685, Lyn Bourgeois-279-678, Mike Rodgers-263-675, Derik Gund-226-670, Gary Martin-237-665, Rick Malmberg-233-235-664, Troy Berg-214-257-663, Charlie Rhodes-245-661, Andrew Pridemore-238-654, Paul Morvant-235-218-654, Bob Bellow-238-648, David Feldschau-228-226-642, Matthew Mannino-239-235-642, Marcus Joseph-204-204-231-639, Wayne Pratt-226-636, Benjamin Wolfe-224-595, Eric Kyles-201-582, Phil Rogers-208-574, Casey Williams-191-501, Bill White-268, Rex Morris-268, Jared Morein-267, Casey Smith-257, Mark Maxwell-244, James Morein-242, Caleb Klein-226, Chuck Burns-226, Lewis Garza-226, Gina Wilson-225, Jeff Hayes-225, Karen Bellow-224, Colby Daniel-216, Roynald Allen Sr-214, Rob Lowe-214, Renee Moity-212, Donna Rhodes-201, Judy Arsenault-201, Tammy Nick-201, Michael Morvant-198