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October 27, 2012

David Estrada column: Bones Jones vs. Sonnen stirs emotions

PORT ARTHUR — About a month ago, the MMA world was fixated by the drama of UFC 151.

    After a string of injuries, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon "Bones" Jones turned down

a replacement bout with middleweight trash-talker Chael Sonnen. One thing Jones

cited the lack of credibility Sonnen had to challenge for the title. After all,

Sonnen lost his last bout against Anderson Silva at middleweight and hadn't

competed in the UFC at light heavyweight since 2005 which he lost to Babalu


    The headlining of Jones' refusal to face Sonnen led to the event's

cancellation outright.

    Chael Sonnen may not be an elite level fighter but he has legions of fans and

even more haters from the public persona he created. His trash-talking is at

WWE levels and he lobbied for the Jones bout extensively on television and

social media.

    “Jon Bones Jones should fight Chael Sonnen - Yay and Nay?" was the most divisive

positions ever for UFC followers. The strong stance MMA fans had with it

rivaled that of Obama or Romney in the presidential election; it was about

equally divided with unmovable feelings for both sides. The answer became a

resounding "Nay", as Jones declined to meet Sonnen which ultimately led to UFC

151 cancelation.

    In an unprecedented "Dewey Defeats Truman" mixed martial arts moment, Bones

Jones had an about face and accepted a fight against Chael Sonnen. The bout

will occur in early 2013.

    Those opposed to the bout take a big hit, feeling the sport is about the best

fighting the best. There are several other viable light heavyweight challengers

who could have faced Jones. One should not be able talk himself in front of

the line after fabricating a character like Sonnen did.

    MMA followers should face the facts, however. The UFC is not just a sport, it's

a business. Sonnen is a polarizing fighter people love to hate and the bottom

line is, well . . the bottom line. Bones Jones vs. Sonnen will have a

tremendous pay-per-view buy rate. The only thing that will have more commas and

zeros than the bout's financial statement is Bones Jones' fight odds against

Sonnen. That said, those who voted "Yay" better be careful what they wish for.

    In other MMA news, the UFC will be holding two events in November. The UFC will

be holding its first event in China on Nov. 10th for UFC on Fuel TV 6. One week

later for UFC 154, Georges St. Pierre returns to the Octagon coming off of an

ACL injury to defend his welterweight title against Carlos Condit.

    Texas fans should take heed to this bout. If St. Pierre defeats Condit, he is

expected to face UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva for a cross-division

super fight. Cowboys Stadium up in Arlington is the front runner to hold the

matchup should it occur.

    Dana White stated he's been in talks with Jerry Jones

for years about holding a mega event there. The timing may be perfect with

football season wrapping up in early 2013. Please, no Cowboys jokes.

    David Estrada Jr. is a Mixed Martial Arts columnist for the Port Arthur News

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