, Port Arthur, Texas


November 7, 2012

McInnis clear on PA's Little League issue


    Dwight Fobbs, president of Port Arthur American Little League, wants parents of Little League age baseball players to understand his league is the only one in Port Arthur sanctioned by Little League of America. Jerry McInnis, the District 32 Little League Administrator for Southeast Texas, backs the assertion.

    Both Fobbs and McInnis are upset that another group, passing itself off as Port Arthur National Little League, is handing out fliers and trying to recruit players.

    “Under Little League International rules, there can be only one official Little League organization in Port Arthur,” said McInnis. “Somebody could start up another youth baseball league, but it can’t operate under the Little League banner.

    “The Little League boundaries are frozen and established for Port Arthur American Little League. I thought the guy with the other league understood that, but I’m having trouble communicating with him. His league will not be chartered, will not play All-Stars and will be infringing on the Little League name if they persist.”

    McInnis said he’s of the opinion Fobbs had done a good job in his time as president of Port Arthur American and doesn’t want any kids to lose out on a chance of playing Little League baseball through confusion or misunderstanding.

    “We are fearful that some kids will get lost in the shuffle and won’t get to play anywhere,” said McInnis. “The people in Port Arthur need to work together to have one strong league. I really need to talk to the people trying to start up the other league. I have sent e-mails to the address on their flier and called the phone number on the flier and have not gotten any response.

    “I’m disappointed they don’t seem to want to go through channels. I just don’t want to see any kids get hurt.”


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