, Port Arthur, Texas

October 27, 2012

Chester Moore column: Six unique fall outdoors adventures

Chester Moore
The Port Arthur News


    Six unique fall outdoors adventures

    The great state of Texas offers some truly unique outdoors experiences during the fall season.

    Here are six easily accessible (for the most part) opportunities awaiting you.

    Ridiculously Large Redfish: The comeback of the redfish has been truly tremendous. Catching breeding-sized bull reds used to be a rarity but now it is commonplace and the giant fish can be caught in the surf and around our jetty systems year-round. Lower a live croaker or cut mullet around a deep jetty hole or chunk it out past the second sandbar in the surf and be prepared to do battle with a brute.

    Calling Bobcats: I love wildlife photography and while predator hunting can be fun, I prefer hunting them with a camera as it is incredibly challenging to get them into photo range. Bobcats can be called into within a few feet but it requires patience. Get you a solid electronic game calling unit, set up a ground blind on your deer lease or wood lot near your home and start calling. Bird calls and dying rabbits tend to work the best. Cats come in slow but will come in closer than you might like.

    Lunker Hunt: The Texas’ Sharelunker season kicks off Oct. 1 but very few entries of 13 pound or larger bass start coming in until later in the fall. It is typically only a couple but I believe that has more to do with the lack of angler effort that the fish biting. Throwing big jigs and swimbaits around deep cover and structure can yield monster bass on virtually any lake in the state but Falcon, Sam Rayburn, Lake Austin, Fork, Choke Canyon and Conroe are my top picks for mega bass this fall.

    Woodies: If you can find something more fun than shooting at wood ducks piling into a hole in the timber let me know. I want to experience it. Texas wood duck numbers are larger and now with three in the bag limit we have an extra incentive to hunt the nation’s most beautiful fowl.

    Heli-Hogs: If you read the story I wrote about Dustin Ellermann and my helicopter hog hunting adventure you know this is super fun stuff. We hunted with the JB Hunting Ranch in Matagorda County and had a blast. It is not for everyone because the price is high but if you have the means treat yourself to an incredible hunting experience. The ride in the helicopter alone is worth it.

    Geese for Thanksgiving: Want a great thanksgiving dinner? Then head out to the coastal prairie and take you a couple of specklebellies. These dark geese are delicious and super fun to hunt. We rarely eat goose for Christmas in Texas but new traditions can be made.

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