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May 4, 2013

Patti Gay column: Derek Williams rolls another 300 game

PORT NECHES — May usually brings less scores for me to post, but this year is different.  With a nice shot to play on at Max Bowl Port Arthur, those who have it are bringing it!  

    Tray Batson, competing in the Mega Money league, took this week’s highlight with games of 257-279-236 for a 772 series.  RaeAnna Todora had a great week with a 231-246-233-710 and a series that almost took top all around, a 248-278-215-744.  

    Congratulations to Derek Williams for another 300 game. That’s two consecutive weeks.  It was the middle game in a 237-300-214 series of 751. Williams also had a 238-22-270-730.

     Ronnie Sonnier-239-216-289-744, Shane Harlow-277-211-246-734, Kurt Cullums-256-218-246-720, Jimmy Calder-257-217-246-720, and Eric Harrington-217-244-246-707.

MONDAY SENIORS:  Cotton Glidewell-211-597, Buddy Dufour-198-521, William Gore-194-497, James Pitre-227

VALERO:  Shane Harlow-277-211-246-734, Derek Williams-238-222-270-730, Kurt Cullums-256-218-246-720, Bo Cohrt-243-245-678, Murphy Burch-218-258-671, Richard Cooper-245-662, John Parent-224-247-660, Justin Sanders-224-618, Justin Cates-216-205-604, Carl Quinn-214-602, Justin Tremont-203-586,  Shannon Quinn-211-571, Judy Arsenault-232-547, Richard Lamance-191-522, Roger Hartwig-267, Kirwin Melo-258, Sean Mouchette-257, Bill White-248, Darrell McKee-247, Rob Kistner-246, Mark Maxwell-246, Paul McKee-224, Aaron Vanover-211, Eric Kyles-211, Paul Mann-211, Alan Kay-210, John Robison-202, Lynn Richter-201, Roy Goeddertz-194, David Lemaire-189, Patsy Ronquille-187, Khoi Nguyen-173, Tim Johnson-164

ROAD RUNNERS:  Rick Hermsen-233-689, Oliver Balagot-222-581, Lewis Garza-219-579, John Anderson-187-530, Blanch Comeaux-189-193-508, Roger Hartwig-259, Gary Vincent-228, Marvin Ermel-212, Judy Arsenault-204

QUEEN TUMBLERS:  Connie Mathison-546, June Badon-177-179-518, Stephanie Harrison-501, Frances Boudreaux-192, Joyce Porter-144

GOLDEN OLDIES SRS:  Tommy Girolamo-248-697, Gary Vincent-235-660, Marvin Ermel-247-236-650, Venix Morris-214, Bill Blackman-206, Bill Lawless-202, August Gonsoulin-201

MID COUNTY MIXED: Ryan Cooper-264, Vladie Quirante-212, Cameron Naron-197

FUNBOWLERS:  RaeAnna Todora-231-246-233-710, Bill White-248-697, John Schmidt-222-625, Dean Wersig-242-244-618, Eric Kyles-205-206-601, Michelle Powell-215-601, Charles Venable-205-213-586, Charlene Wersig-198-551, Danny Norris-200-548, Johnny Simon-192-520, Melinda Badon-211-512, Aubrey McKee-232, Bob Grusecki-223, Ronald Leonard-213, Alan Kay-191, Kaleena Lamb-152

MEGA MONEY:  Tray Batson-257-279-236-772, Derek Williams-237-300-214-751, Ronnie Sonnier-239-216-289-744, RaeAnna Todora-248-278-215-741, Jimmy Calder-257-217-246-720, Eric Harrington-217-244-246-707, Jeff Hayes-241-265-696, Rich Cooper-244-239-673, Tom Roberts-222-664, Joseph Wolfe-213-234-214-661,  Mike Charles-237-655, Lewis Garza-245-646, Derrick Pete-231-243-618, Jo Ann Williams-224-612, Mindy Rainwater-211-597, Colby Daniel-216-595, John Lemonis-221-221-594, Rhonda Stout-221-578, Tammy Berg-231-571, Craig Rankin-188-528, Tammy Nick-194-520, Jonathan Martin-276, Devin Rankin-276, Curtis Harrington-248, CJ Moity-245, Rick Hermsen-244, Logan Lomasney-236, Mark Maxwell-235, Lyn Bourgeios-235, Steve Powell-233, Trey Todora-231, Travis Johnson-230-223, Eric Kyles-226, Roynald Allen Sr-223, Rex Morris-220, Troy Berg-216, Casey Smith-215, Rob Lowe-215, Georgeann Richardson-213, Caleb Klein-210, Bret Chipman-210, Blaine Daniel-209, Paul Vaughan-208, Cory Walker-202, Randy Callahan-200, Gary Biegas-199, Chris Tovar-162

STARS OF TOMORROW:  Brandon Bertrand-209-542, Katie Quinn-227-551


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