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June 7, 2014

Tray Batson fires back to back 300’s to lead Max Bowl action

PORT ARTHUR — Summer bowling has begun at Max Bowl and bowlers are absolutely on fire right now. Thursday nights Mega Money produced a night that is unheard of. There were four(4) 300’s shot on the opening night of this summer league. Tray Batson scorched the lanes by throwing his first 26 balls for strikes shooting 300-300-224 to take top honors with a massive 824 series.

Two(2) very familiar names in bowling circles, CJ “Chief” Moity and Skipper “Ski Daddy” Arsenault also shot 300’s. Chief opened his night up perfect shooting games of 300-208-192 for an even 700 set. Skipper shot his perfecto in the middle of his set shooting 180-300-199 for a 679 series. John Allen hung in there with a 278-255-178 for a 711 series and Russell Hebert fired games of 237-242-219 for a 698 set.

Our leading lady bowling in the Mega Money was RaeAnna Todora. RaeAnna shot a nice 217 onto a 617 series. Our Senior lady this week was Gloria Divello. Gloria tossed a nice 248 onto a 568 set.

This weekend is the last weekend of the USBC Mens State Tournament. It has been an excellent run for both CrossRoads in Beaumont and Max Bowl. All the volunteers who worked tirelessly to make sure everything went well are to be thanked. We had bowlers from throughout the state of Texas visit us and I have heard no complaints. See the updated results below for our local folks and where they stand.

Monday Seniors

John Beard -162, VJ Willis -203-542, Venix Morris -203, Jerry LeBleu -179, Gloria Divello -248-568, Bill Lawless -178, Bill White -231-592, Carl Wuenschel -155, James Pitre -202-531, Cynthia Williams -131, William Gore -185-505, Rick Hermsen -201-218-244-663.

Golden Oldies

Cynthia Williams -165, Gloria Divello -221-535, Betty Sheffield -148, Bill Lawless -187-538, Frankie Hall -150, William Gore -170, Hedy Zampini -158, John Greig -162, Don Edgerly -204-525, Frank Rios 170, Donald Bourg 190-531, August Gowsoulin -181, Charlotte Banks -150, James Pitre -203-545, VJ Willis -220-529, Rick Hermsen -213-586, Phil Rogers -213-291, Tommy Girolamo -206-567, Gary Vincent -224-531, Robert Seymour -203-535, Chris Heath -173, CJ Moity -207-220-268-695.

Road Runners

John Greig 211-509, Lewis Garza -236-629, Cynthia Williams -176, Bill Lawless -189, James Pitre -202, Bobby Abraham -140, Charlotte Banks -141,

VJ Willis -191-530.

Mega Money

Carl Quinn -201, Dean Wersig -255-639, Casey Smith -178, Dave Mericle -233, Jared Morein -214, Ben Wolfe -200, RaeAnna Todora 217-625, Erick Brown -211, John Robison -171, Bill White -207, Raul Bastidas -226, Sang Nguyen -214, Thang Nguyen -244-603, Kristi Doucet -141, Jesse Pompa -174, Rusty Doucet -239, Rob Kistner -201-208-223-632, Rex Morris -183, Mike Zuckero -217, Bret Chipman -198, Jeff Anderson -194, Randy Wofford -175, Joseph Wolfe -187, Kirwin Melo -234-632, Amanda Boldt -189, Chris Heath -226-510, Russell Hebert -237-242-219-698, Chad Carlson  -158, James Moity -231-635, Trey Todora -226-618, Logan Lomasney -267-665, Steve Sodman -176, Georgeann Richardson -167, Mark Maxwell -226-605, Aaron Richardson -139, Skipper Arsenault 300-679, Missy O’Connor -183-500, Chris -156, Alan -194-529.

USBC Mens State Tournament

Granny Favorites 1st Place Div. 2, Slingshots Pro Shop 1st Place Div. 3, Pipeline Thrash 2nd Place Div. 4, The High Life 1st Place Div. 5, Rolling Thunder 3rd Place Div. 5, John Miller Jr. 1st Place Div. 4 Singles and 3rd Place Div. 4 All Events, Chris Tovar 3rd Place Div. 5 Singles, Griffin Williams 2nd Place Div. 3 All Events.

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