, Port Arthur, Texas


March 2, 2013

Patti Gay column: Lots of pins fall for C.J. Moity


    Our high league bowler, during last week, came out of the Road Runner senior league at Max Bowl Port Arthur.  

    CJ Moity, rolling top numbers of 258-249 and 264, ended his day with a nice 771 series.  He also tossed out a 225-248-228-701 in the Mega Money league.  Congratulation CJ on a great week!  

    Kirwin Melo-249-226-268-743, Erik Postula-243-278-222-743, Skipper Arsenault-290-237-211-738, Rhett Williford-210-267-258-735, Jacob Askew-233-237-241-711, and Derek Williams-218-257-228-703 also topped the 700 mark.

    Bowlers please remember that you can leave any message at the desk for me, and they will see that I receive it when I pick up the scores.  Next week I will be posting the results from the youth city tournament, including this year’s city champ!




MONDAY SENIOR:  Phil Rogers-254-630, Paul McDaniel-190-513, John Beard-169-169-469, Rick Hermsen-256, Tommy Girolamo-245, Rey Diestro-214, Earl J Duhon-175


VALERO:   Rhett Williford-210-267-258-735, Eric Monarch-287-694, Richard Cooper-224-254-693, Sean Mouchette-265-692, Skipper Arsenault-244-686, Aaron Vanover-235-235-661, CJ Moity-248-247-642, James Neel-223-632, Rusty Doucet-236-218-601, Eric Kyles-203-205-573, Richard Lamance-181-175-515, Tommy Nugier-188-179-512, Justin Holmes-192-502, Khoi Nguyen-198-484, Ashley Nunez-266, Rob Kistner-259, John Parent-236, Kurt Cullums-235, Mack McPhatter-234, David Jones-227, John Tsai-226, Ryan Smith-223, John Robison-203, Chris Marze-201, Aaron Grossman-177, Bruce VanBoskirk-172


ROAD RUNNERS:  CJ Moity-258-249-264-771, Rick Hermsen-245-217-675, Cotton Glidewell-267-672, Phil Rogers-207-205-603, Lewis Garza-225-579, Oliver Balagot-214-573, Geraldine Rebert-204-516, Frank Rios-185-478, Gary Vincent-253, Mary Kay Rios-171


GOLDEN OLDIES SRS:  Chuck Burns-197-521, Bill Allen-211, Gloria Divello-205, Frankie Hall-190


MID COUNTY MIXED:  Ryan Cooper-237-684, Marvin Balagot-211-578, Cameron Naron-201, Tessie Balagot-183


QUEEN TUMBLERS:  Gloria Divello-211-200-568, Betty Shannon-195-512, Connie Mathison-511, Stephanie Harrison-201, Beverly Wallace-149


FUNBOWLERS:  Jerry Richardson-247-644, John Schmidt-278-212-678, Kerry Stevens-203-547, Charlene Wersig-200-517, Ricky Nelson-193-502, Tony Mills-171-175-468, Clint Foster-160-411, Kelsey Delvalle-166-398, Bill White-278, Sidney Badon-239, Aubrey McKee-236, Dean Wersig-216, Shannon Quinn-212, Tammy Berg-207, Jerry Thompson-193, Boby Abraham-189, Chris Merritt-179, Shawn Sachs-176, Sandra Roberson-156


MEGA MONEY:   Kirwin Melo-249-226-268-743, Erik Postula-243-278-222-743, Skipper Arsenault-290-237-211-738, Jacob Askew-233-237-241-711, Derek Williams-218-257-228-703, CJ Moity-225-248-228-701, George Parsley-255-246-694, Zim Morris-254-690, Mark Maxwell-263-689, Cuong Cao-266-226-682, Charlie Rhodes-249-674, Gina Wilson-225-224-635, Troy Berg-222-615, Michelle Powell-227-214-610, Jeff Hayes-237-600, Renee Moity-235-587, Don Pastor-269, Tommy Girolamo-267, Tom Roberts-249, Alan Hawkins-245, Chris Chiasson-245, Trint Miguez-245, Logan Lomasney-238, Rob Lowe-224, Jared Morein-222, Paul Morvant-218, Troy Girolamo-215, Derrick Pete-214, Tammy Berg-214, Bret Chipman-213, Linda Singleton-213, Marcus Joseph-212, Caleb Klein-204, Cory Walker-194, Tammy Nick-192


FRIDAY FUN BUNCH:  Martha Mitchell-144-370, Stephnie Harrison-191, Sylvia Thomas-166, Charline Hanauer-155


STARS OF TOMORROW:  Kayla Gallegos-221-548, Mark Petersberger-194-512, Brandon Bertrand-203, Angel Simon-163




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