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May 14, 2013

Coleman column: Astros actions create off-field dismay

PORT ARTHUR — What power does one person have?

I ask this because of the situation swirling around the  Houston Astros since last night. KHOU television  in Houston ran a story about the disbanding of the Astros Wives Organization and, thus, the cancellation of that group’s annual Black Ties and Baseball Caps gala.

That gala supported the Houston Area Women’s Center, a group that supports battered and abused women from all over Houston. The event had been supporting the HAWC since 1989, but the Astros decided in January to end the arrangement.

Many excuses were given, from the charity eating up too much money without donating enough, to the Astros changing their charitable focus to inner-city and at-risk youth baseball programs, to there not being enough wives to support an Astros Wives’ Organization.

The story broke around 10:30 p.m. Monday night and immediately caused an uproar. Astros blogs around the web, like The Crawfish Boxes, Astros County, Astros Daily and What the Heck, Bobby?, banded together and decided to go “dark” on Tuesday, not publishing any information about the Astros for one day as a form of protest.

One of the writers at The Crawfish Boxes, Tim De Block, wrote about his feelings on the issue Tuesday morning, talking about how the Astros' loss of integrity made him question why he does what he does on this site.

He also mentioned why he's a fan of the Astros in the first place.

But, what are the Astros? Are they an abstract concept? Are they a business? Are they a collection of men who wear the same laundry?

Most times, they're an amalgamation of all three. The Astros Tim cares about are more than just a business, they're a concept of a team he came to respect. They're leadership and integrity and all sorts of human emotions that we project onto an organization.

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