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February 20, 2013

OUTDOORS COLUMN: Fishing predictions for 2013

PORT ARTHUR —   I have never been big on making predictions in the outdoors world.

    On occasion however I have looked at some things coming along and felt compelled to share my thoughts and the response has always been strong.

     This week I bring you some predictions for fishing here in the Texas-Louisiana region because of research I have conducted and some interesting discussions had over the past few weeks.

     Prediction 1: It will take 8.5 pounds to win the summer long CCA STAR tournament in the flounder division. Last year a 7 pound, seven ounce fish took first place honors and CCA had the largest number of flounder ever entered in the tournament.

    We are right at four years since regulation changes were made that will allow many more flounder to reach maturity and that means those fish that were two years old in 2009 will be six years old and that is toward the end of their life cycle. More fish with the genetic potential to reach gigantic proportions will have the opportunity to do so which will make the STAR tournament interesting in the flounder division.

    Prediction 2: Toledo Bend will produce a 14-pound bass this spring. We are entering the spawn and this is the time when bass will have their biggest weights of the year.

     This old lake has been on the rebound and there have been a tremendous amount of 10-pound plus bass on the lake. Judging from research on Louisiana’s lunker program and the condition of the lake, I think a giant bass or two will be caught this spring.

     Prediction 3: Local bass anglers will greatly expand their horizons following the Bassmaster Elite Series coming to Orange March 14-17.

    With anglers like Skeet Reese and Kevin VanDam fishing local waters, local anglers will become inspired and start fishing areas they have never targeted locally and using lures they rarely consider.

     I fully expect to hear a lot more about drop-shot rigs, wake baits and swim jigs being used in our rivers and bayous and the upper reaches of the Sabine and Neches Rivers as well as the Calcasieu River visited far more often.

    Prediction 4: This is more of an observation than a prediction but the reports coming in show a banner year for big trout in Sabine Lake and surrounding waters. Last year many anglers complained of an off year for trout but things are shaking loose differently in 2013. Someone will likely catch a 10-pounder in the coming weeks and by year’s end we will all be bragging about the big trout caught this year.

    Prediction 5: Anglers will start spending more time introducing children to the sport. At the dozens of events I speak at annually, it is evident more and more people recognize the need to get kids into fishing.

    We have a long way to go to get the kids to turn off the X-Box and pick up the tackle box but those anglers are looking for something deeper in their fishing will begin to see purposefully getting kids to wet a line will not only enhance the lives of the children but could very well revolutionize theirs.

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