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April 12, 2014

Chester Moore column: Bank hot spots have great value

PORT ARTHUR —  Not all anglers have boats.

 And while there are a fair number of quality bank fishing destinations on the coast, many anglers are not aware of them. We get questions all the time from anglers asking the location of certain spots they might have heard of or where to fish when on vacation.

 This is a collection of some of the very best of these destinations ranging from the obvious to the obscure from the Upper to Middle Coast.

 Before we get into these many locations, there are some important things to remember when fishing from the shore in saltwater venues.

 Many anglers complain of rarely catching legal-sized game fish from the bank and I believe a big reason for this is their choice of bait. Dead shrimp is by far the easiest bait to get and it will catch everything but that is just the problem.

 It catches hardheads, small croaker, sand trout and lots of undesirables. My advice is to bring one rod rigged with dead shrimp (let kids use it if they are fishing) and use just the croaker, sand trout and piggy perch you might catch as live or cut bait.

 Also, learn to throw a cast net and catch mullet, mud minnows and baby croaker.

 All of these fished on a Carolina rig will catch reds, specks and flounder and the beauty of using a cast net is you do not have to pay for your bait. Of course it is a lot of work but it will save you money.

 Something else to consider is using a popping cork. There are lots of snags along shorelines and when fishing on bottom you are bound to get snagged.

 By using corks you can fish just above the bottom and avoid most snags while at the same time have the advantage of being able to draw attention to your bait by utilizing the popping action of the cork.

 Little details like these can go a long way when your fishing these saltwater walk up venues.


Causeway Bridge/Umphrey Pier

Location: At Pleasure Island on SH 82 at the causeway bridge.

Species: Flounder

Lure/Baits: Live mud minnows, finger mullet and jigs tipped with shrimp

Best Season/Time: Fall and Spring on outgoing and incoming times respectively.

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