, Port Arthur, Texas


June 21, 2013

Family matters at Jamaal's camp


PORT ARTHUR — It’s all in an effort to give back, something he’s wanted to do since his days at the University of Texas.

“It’s a great reward to come out here and help Jamaal,” Derrick Scott, who runs the camp with Clutch Sports and was an assistant strength and conditioning coach at UT when Charles was there, said. “This is something he told me he wanted to do when he was a freshman at Texas. It’s a great reward to be a part of this.”

The camp focuses on different football drills while also providing plenty of opportunities for players to have fun. One such drill simulated a punt return, with three players running down in coverage and a fourth try to break past them and score.

Others, like the obstacle course over dummies and around cones, are all about agility. The tricky thing, according to Scott, is balancing the drills with enough fun to keep the younger group interested. At the same time, the goal of the camp is simple: teach the kids that hard work pays off.

“We want to teach these kids that hard work pays off, no matter whether it’s on the football field, the baseball diamond or in the classroom,” Scott said. “We want to teach them how to listen, learn how to focus and how to learn. It’s tough dealing with all age groups. The little kids’ attention spans are shorter than the older kids. But, the surprising thing is the smaller ones can learn, so we don’t treat them too differently, but we sent the same message. The earlier they learn that hard work pays off, the better they’ll be.”

Nearly two years removed from his knee injury, Charles said this year’s camp has been much more fun, since he is able to interact more with the campers without worrying about it.

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