, Port Arthur, Texas


April 20, 2013

Patti Gay on bowling: Teammates Powell, Martin both top 800

PORT ARTHUR — For the 4th week in a row, the leading score at Max Bowl has topped over the 800 mark.  This time we have 2 bowlers with an 800 series and they were on the same team!  

    Branden Powell only got better as the night went on with games of 268-276 and 289 for a really fabulous score of 833.  His teammate, Jonathan Martin, rolled a 240-299 and 262 giving him an 801 series.  This is some fantastic bowling and I am most impressed!  Congratulations!  

    Those finding the 700 range or better were: George Gund-258-248-247-753, Jared Morein-277-225-234-736, Roger Hartwig-233-258-227-718, Derek Williams-245-258-214-717, and Chris Rhodes-247-239-214-700.  Kudos goes out to David Lemaire, avg. 150, and throwing his first 600 series with a 231-210-174-615.

MONDAY SENIORS:  Venix Morris-213-568, Carl Wuenschel-165-456, Rey Diestro-216, Paul Vaughan-210

VALERO:  Roger Hartwig-233-258-227-718, Bill White-246-698, Clinton Hancock-279-698, David Jones-279-697, Steve Powell-234-236-691, John Allen-246-690, Tommy Nguyen-256-687, Rob Kistner-245-278-675, Mike Doyle-247-673, Richard Cooper-234-652, Murphy Burch-212-233-634,Lewis Garza-214-213-204-631, Ray Gaspard-211-224-620, Eric Kyles-29-609, Aaron Vanover-215-246-606, Lynn Richter-201-591, Alan Kay-210-581, Rusty Doucet-242-580, Tommy Nugier-208-193-579, Kerry Stevens-194-550, Dee Dennis-223-521, Bruce VanBoskirk-201-503, Bebe Nugier-167-382, Sami Jo Williams-268, Mark Maxwell-255, Kirwin Melo-255, Sean Mouchette-237, CJ Moity-237, Paul McKee-223, Ashley Nunez-223, John Parent-222, Kermit MorrisonIII-210, Justin Cates-205, Jamal Lowe-201, Chris Marze-200, Gail Seymour-198, Blaine Davis-188

QUEEN TUMBLERS:  Betty Shannon-213-203-612, Flo Benoit-197-507, June Badon-175, Donna Loupe-159

GOLDEN OLDIES SRS:  Frankie Hall-178-478, Bill Lawless-233, Donald Bourg-222, Blanch Comeaux-206, Don Edgerly-204, Chris Heath-183

MID COUNTY MIXED: Marvin Balagot-210-233-635, Alberto Elefano-184-423, Rey Diestro-221

FUNBOWLERS:  Dean Wersig-253-236-699, Shannon O’Connor-247-221-644, Carl Quinn-222-629, James Neel-224-613, Aubrey McKee-214-562, Kerry Stevens-211-546, Johnny Simon-533, Laura Scully-213-518, Bo Cohrt-257, Sean Mouchette-244, John Schmidt-232, Jerry Richardson-224, Sam Procell-210, Sidney Badon-203, Charlene Wersig-198, Kathy Perrio-176

MEGA MONEY:  Branden Powell-268-276-289-833, Jonathan Martin-240-299-262-801, George Gund-258-248-247-753, Jared Morein-277-225-234-736, Derek Williams-245-258-214-717, Chris Rhodes-247-239-214-700, Mike Rodgers-243-683, Curtis Harrington-232-237-680, CJ Moity-246-676, Matthew Mannino-230-667, Travis Johnson-267-222-653, Devin Rankin-228-221-642, Benjamin Wolfe-235-223-638, Fred Feldschau-241-626, Ryan Williams-216-207-623, Tommy Courmier-247-588, Bret Chipman-232-586, Joseph Wolfe-233-580, Casey Williams-194-553, Gary Biegas-199-188-522, Linda Morris-207-524, Rick Hermsen-278, Bobby Clark-265, Jeff Hayes-249, Matthew Wolfe-247, Bob Bellow-237, John Lemonis-227, Caleb Klein-227, Trey Todora-225, Roynald Allen Sr-224, Mike Charles-223, Dustin Richardson-219, Michael Morvant-216, Rick Vasquez-215, Paul Vaughan-215, Jamis Morein-213, Michelle Powell-212, Gina Wilson-212, Randy Callahan-212, Don Pope-207, Stephen Comer-201


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