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April 17, 2013

OUTDOORS COLUMN: Big reds biting in the Sabine


    I have always been far more confident in heavier rattles with reds and although they will hit virtually anything at times I think the louder rattles where great in deep water.

    I also think the much quieter rattle free squarebill is great for searching out fish in super shallow water where I had one demolished by a 36-inch plus red. Reds can get spooky in the shallows so a quite squarebill is what usually start off with.


    If you encounter the huge south winds that push lots of water into the bayous, use that to your advantage. We hooked up with reds in Burton’s Ditch when the current was ripping through by casting the Super Pogy through the weir and letting it drift back in the current. The reds will gather where the current starts to slow down to do most of their feeding.

    There are plenty of huge reds out there and by trying out these strategies you have a good shot at having one put your tackle to the test.

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