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April 13, 2013

Patti Gay column: Branden Powell has another big night at Max Bowl

PORT ARTHUR — Several nice scores that might normally be on top, didn't have a chance once Branden Powell stepped up on Thursday night in the Mega Money league.  

    Starting the night with his highest game, a 280, he followed up with a 254 and came back strong with a 277 to give him a total score of 811.  This is the 3rd week in a row for an 800 series!  

    The best lady bowler of the week, RaeAnna Todora, was also right on her mark with a 289-225-228-742.  Congratulations Branden and RaeAnna on some fine bowling.  

    George Gund-257-220-276-753, Russell Hebert-279-279-740, Derek Williams-234-242-258-734, Tray Batson-216-278-232-726, Rick Hermsen-234-269-214-717 & 245-247-216-708, Ronnie Sonnier-279-210-226-715, Bill White-246-212-248-706, Bruce Hasch-247-245-214-705, and Zim Morris-279-246-702 all followed up with 700’s.

MONDAY SENIOR:  Rick Hermsen-245-247-216-708, Cotton Glidewell-244-615, Gloria Divello-221, VJ Willis Sr-196, Earl J Duhon-177

ROAD RUNNERS:  Rick Hermsen-234-269-214-717, Oliver Balagot-234-608, Bill Lawless-199-583, VJ Willis-193-201-572, Lewis Garza-206

VALERO:  Russell Hebert-279-279-740, Tray Batson-216-278-232-726, Darrell McKee-258-256-678, Mack McPhatter-244-661, Ashley Nunez-220-632, Justin Cates-236-235-631, Lewis Garza-221-616, Murphy Burch-206-216-605, Walter Tucker-243-605, Alan Kay-231-575, David Lemaire-199-552, Dee Dennis-196-548, Bob Cullums-256, Tommy Nguyen-256, John Allen-248, Mark Zerko-244, CJ Moity-237, Eric Kyles-226, Clinton Hancock-217, Rusty Doucet-212, Alanda Boldt-204, Kermit Morrison III-200, Maryana Kimball-187

QUEEN TUMBLERS:  Lynne Richter-202-561, Alice Barnes-531, Connie Mathison-204, Dot Font-201, Elsie Tweedel-175, Beverly Wallace-155

GOLDEN OLDIES SRS: James Pitre-257-227-687, Tommy Girolamo-245-684, Gary Vincent-246-670, Gloria Divello-236-612, VJ Willis-212-585, Blanch Comeaux-192-524, Hedy Zampini-186-513, Marvin Ermel-216, Bill Blackman-214, Donald Bourg-211, August Gonsoulin-208, Bonnie Timaeus-184

MID COUNTY MIXED:  Ryan Cooper-234-675, Chuck Hall-216-634, Marvin Balagot-207, Cameron Naron-186

FUNBOWLERS:     RaeAnna Todora-289-225-228-742, Bill White-246-212-248-706, Bruce Hasch-247-245-214-705, Carl Quinn-235-621, Ashley Nunez-223-620, Bob Grusecki-222-610, Michelle Powell-203-207-599, Ken Johnson-256-573, Kerry Stevens-206-201-564, Charlene Wersig-211-544, Ronald Leonard-202-540, Shannon Quinn-204-531, Chris Merritt-191-504, Missy O’Connor-204-501, Kathy Perio-178-483, Bo Cohrt-247, Stuart Ellis-230, Richard Beaumont-26, Jerry Thompson-212, Mike Wagner-200, Dee Dennis-193, Allison Simon-188, Sandy Crow-188

MEGA MONEY:   Branden Powell-280-254-277-811, George Gund-257-220-276-753, Derek Williams-234-242-258-734, Ronnie Sonnier-279-210-226-715, Zim Morris-279-246-702, Russell Hebert-256-690, Chuck Burns-257-218-689, Kirwin Melo-248-246-685, Charlie Rhodes-224-662, Georgeann Richardson-266-660, Lyn Bourgeois-228-659, Rex Morris-236-215-656, Jeff Hayes-225-217-653, Andrew Pridemore-230-646, John Lemonis-257-644, Ray Todora-233-228-641, Andy Rogers-245-247-638, Renee Moity-213-227-631, Caleb Klein-245-605, Roynald Allen Sr-235-603, Isaac Rollins, Jr-231-538, Laura Scully-181-512, Darlene Anderson-176-499, Bill White-279, Eric Harrington-267, Shane Harlow-259, Chris Rhodes-258, Tray Batson-257, Chris Chiasson-257, CJ Moity-257, George Parsley-244, Rhonda Stout-237, RaeAnna Todora-237, Travis Johnson-236, Rick Malmberg-236, Trey Todora-233, Curtis Harrington-233, Fred Feldschau-231, Tommy Courmier-228, Tom Roberts-225, Troy Berg-224, Blaine Daniel-224, Lewis Garza-220, Rob Lowe-219, Gary Biegas-219, Marcus Joseph-214, Jo Ann Williams-212, Colby Daniel-211, Ryan Williams-210, Phil Rogers-206, Patsy Ronquille-188

FRIDAY FUN BUNCH:  Martha Mitchell-135-372

STARS OF TOMORROW:   Jarred Maxwell-191-529, Katie Quinn-212




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  • Bassmaster Elites are coming back

    The Bassmaster Elite Series returns to Southeast Texas in March 2015 to fish out of Orange.
    The announcement was made last week, ahead of Bassmaster’s official tournament schedule announcement and the buzz is already strong in Southeast Texas and beyond.
    I was in Orlando, Fla. attending the ICAST (fishing trade) show and talked with a number of top anglers including Kevin VanDam, Mike Iaconelli and Shaw Grigsby who said it was no surprise they would return considering the massive turnout for the weigh-ins and that the area welcomed them in a very special way.
    It’s far too early to speculate anything like who the top contenders will be or how the fishing will be but there are some things to keep in mind and to look for over the next few months and into the event itself.
    • Prefishing-There is a pre-fishing cutoff that usually extends to right before the Bassmaster Classic and I fully expect most of the anglers in the Elites to come back and prefish.
    Last go-round probably 2/3 of the field fished the area but this time I expect that to be just about everyone. Many of the anglers that did not pre-fish told me they expected to have a lot of water to fish but the sheer volume and diversity was almost overwhelming.
    Beginning probably in the early fall we will see many anglers fishing local waters to get a better idea on how to approach the area.
    • East to West Runs-The Elite anglers fished far and wide but I expect even more running next go-round. After launching from the Simmons Drive Boat Ramp in Orange angler Bill Lowen ran down the Intracoastal, across Galveston Bay and fished in the Clear Lake area and placed in the top 12. The more adventurous anglers will try super long runs, in my opinion, even longer than last time to try and score on big fish. The Intracoastal Canal system makes that possible.
    • Sabine River -Very few of the anglers actually fished in the Sabine River despite the event being called the “Sabine River Challenge”. I think that will change with more anglers running as far north as they can to find pockets of fish that receive little pressure and perhaps a four or five-pounder to push them over the top.
    • Bigger Turnout-Last year some 34,000 people attended the event which set a Bassmaster record for an Elite event.
     It was broken a couple of weeks later in New York but I fully expect the 2015 tournament to draw 40,000 plus. The reason they are coming back is not for the stellar fishing because while we have lots of bass, everyone knows our fishery cannot compare to Toledo Bend for example.
    The support from the public however was amazing and that is what is bringing the top anglers on the planet to fish our area.
    We will have the very best coverage of the event beginning now and leading up to it with exclusive interviews with all of the top pros with not only their thoughts on the big event but with unique tips on how you can catch more fish.
    It’s an exciting time and I look forward to bringing you special coverage on a special event.
    (To contact Chester Moore, e-mail him at You can hear him on “Moore Outdoors” Fridays from 6-7 p.m. on Newstalk AM 560 KLVI or online at or watch him on “God’ Outdoors with Chester Moore” Saturdays at 10 a.m. on

    July 23, 2014

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