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October 9, 2012

Rose latest receiver to bloom at PN-G


PORT NECHES — “He wants the football,” Faircloth said. “He’s not satisfied with 28 catches right now. He’s not satisfied with 11 in a game. He’s going to continue to work hard and get better.”

Rose also has good size for his position, giving the PN-G quarterbacks a big target to find in different situations.

“He’s 6-foot,” Faircloth said. “He’s not a little guy. That helps on fades and on jump balls. He can go up and get them. He’s got nice size. We’re excited about him running around and catching balls for the next couple of years.”

His best attribute, though, may be his ability to turn up his level of play for games.

“He is a gamer,” Faircloth said. “I think his strength is that when the lights go on, he can up his level of play. Not everyone can do that. The more kids you have that can do that, the better team you have. The first time we went to Silsbee this year, that touchdown he scored on the reverse was great. He really upped his level of play there. When hIS lights come on, he can really focus up and do whatever he needs to win.”

That’s evident when Rose talks about his favorite play to run during games. He wants the ball in tough situations, like on third down.

“It’s called Odd 2 Bear,” Rose said. “It’s basically a 10-yard out, which is usually the play we call on third-and-long. It’s almost completed every time with A.J. It’s probably our best route that we can do.”

Rose hasn’t shown any signs of being intimidated by the increase in level of play this season. He came into the spring working as one of the starterS in the slot and hasn’t blinked as he’s become the team’s leading receiver.

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