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April 27, 2013

Patti Gay column: Williams, Powell go back-to-back on 300s

PORT ARTHUR — Highlights  this past week may not have had any 800s, but it did have multiple 300s.  They happened to be on the same night, in the same Mega Money league, and within the same family!  

    Derek Williams, the eldest in this scenario, started his night with a 300 and went on to finish with a 223-258 for the high series of 781.  Following him was his nephew, Branden Powell, with games of 265-203 and ending his night with his 300 for a 768 series.

    These 2 have put on quite the show the past few weeks with some really fine bowling.  Congratulations to them both.  

    CJ Moity-234-277-247-758, Bill White-237-255-259-751, George Gund-260-256-226-742, Skipper Arsenault-227-255-245-727, Cuong Cao-245-257-225-727, Bob Bellow-248-257-213-718, Tray Batson-288-211-210-709, Rick Hermsen-232-259-217-708, & Shane Harlow-246-237-224-707 all finished with a 700 or better.

MONDAY SENIORS:  Rick Hermsen-232-259-217-708, Tommy Girolamo-268, Venix Morris-222, Cotton Glidewell-220

VALERO:  Bill White-237-255-259-751, Shane Harlow-246-237-224-707, Tommy Nguyen-269-694, Richard Cooper-244-235-691, Darrell McKee-245-663, Justin Tremont-246-222-657, Leonard Casmore-224-225-631, Ryan Smith-218-216-623, Alanda Boldt-277-614, Carl Quinn-246-609, Lewis Garza-234-605, Paul McKee-244-590, John Robison-202-204-578, Rusty Doucet-222-576, Justin Sanders-220-204-572, Gail Seymour-207-560, Justin Holmes-203-191-553, Dee Dennis-187-546, Teri Lamance-164-163-458, Kirwin Melo-289, Rhett Williford-280, Branden Powell-258, Eric Kyles-245, Ray Gaspard-225, James Neel-225, Kerry Stevens-222, Justin Cates-211, Lynn Richter-201, Royce Robbins-199

ROAD RUNNERS:  Roger Hartwig-256-692, Oliver Balagot-267-624, Gloria Divello-238-587, Marvin Ermel-203-213-573, Rick Hermsen-269, VJ Willis-194

QUEEN TUMBLERS:  Connie Mathison-227-607, Alice Barnes-203-590, Stephanie Harrison-221-557, Betty Shannon-195-520, June Badon-163-178-177-518, Brenda Dodson-169, Emily Davis-151, Nell Futch-148

GOLDEN OLDIES SRS:  James Pitre-235-654, William Gore-198-501, Chris Heath-186-488, John Beard-169-470, Bill Lawless-221, Bill Blackman-212, Bill Allen-210, Don Edgerly-203, Sue Morris-181

MID COUNTY MIXED: Rey Diestro-207-206-613, Cameron Naron-203-515, Alberto Elefano-170-443

FUNBOWLERS:  Larry Perio-269-648, Dean Wersig-226-646, Chris Merritt-204-211-562, Danny Norris-254-551, Dawn Carona-540, Dee Dennis-236-519, Clint Foster-165-184-484, Chayla Merritt-164-418, Kaleena Lamb-166-412, Kathy Mills-144-358, Eric Monarch-247, John Schmidt-237, Richard Beaumont-227, Ashley Nunez-222, Mike Wagner-203, Allison Simon-195, Kathy Perio-185

MEGA MONEY:  Derek Williams-300-223-258-781, Branden Powell-265-203-300-768, CJ Moity-234-277-247-758, George Gund-260-256-226-742, Skipper Arsenault-227-255-245-727, Cuong Cao-245-257-225-727, Bob Bellow-248-257-213-718, Tray Batson-288-211-210-709, Kirwin Melo-257-688, Cole Guidry-231-265-655, Andrew Pridemore-243-654, Eric Kyles-247-217-654, Devin Rankin-245-651, James Morein-216-224-640, Wayne Pratt-223-632, Georgeann Richardson-255-626, Stephen Comer-223-213-619, Caleb Klein-219-210-610, Lisa Calder-214-216-605, Rhonda Stout-252-593, Dustin Richardson-247-593, Joseph Wolfe-217-589, Troy Girolamo-222-578, Jacob Monceaux-197-535, Cory Walker-199-528, Isaac Rolllins Jr-188-503, Chris Rhodes-267, Wesley Williams-257, Rick Hermsen-256, Derrick Pete-256, Jimmy Calder-255, RaeAnna Todora-245, Mark Maxwell-245, Tommy Courmier-245, Charlie Rhodes-241, Rich Cooper-235, Curtis Harrington-234, Steve Powell-234, Colby Daniel-233, Tom Roberts-228, Andy Rodgers-228, Paul Morvant-226, Randy Callahan-220, Renee Moity-216, Jonathan Wolfe-214, Casey Smith-209, Craig Rankin-183

STARS OF TOMORROW:  Katie Quinn-212-553, Brand Bertrand-183-519, Matthew Maxwell-211, Kayla Kay-159, Anthony Hernandez-108


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