, Port Arthur, Texas


March 2, 2013

Chester Moore column: Most dangerous thing about outdoors is . . .


PORT ARTHUR —      Something else that we may not like to talk about but is a reality is unsafe hunters.

    Statistically hunting is safer than most sports but every year we hear a couple of incidents of people shooting at the bushes and killing their son who was walking behind them or shooting another hunter walking through the woods.

    It is important to always stay alert when you are in the great outdoors and to surround yourself with good people.

     Taking good friends with you on fishing and hunting expeditions ups the safety factor by a long shot and not only gives you an edge incase there is an encounter with bad guys but also incase you get hurt.

    People die every year simply because they could not get to a hospital on time after everything from heart attacks to snake bites. The outdoors is not a good place to be alone.

    I am the most positive person you will ever meet but I am a realist. Dangers do lurk in the outdoors and the most insidious kind are human created.

     Think safety first and always keep an eye out on the other guy so that no one gets hurt out there.

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