, Port Arthur, Texas


August 31, 2013

Chester Moore column: Hog expansion never ceases to amaze


PORT ARTHUR —      On top of that some hunters have moved hogs and released them into open range. This coupled with the old practice of letting domestic hogs roam and recapturing them once a year has kicked Texas’ hog population into overdrive.

     Someone asked me recently if I thought it would be possible to control hogs statewide. The answer is “no”.

    That ship sailed years ago and the fact is they are extremely difficult to control in local situations as well.

    The helicopter hunts can put a dent in them in certain areas and a combination of trapping and removal by hog/dog hunters can also have an impact but the fact is there are more hogs killed in Texas now than at any point and the population hasn’t dropped.

    The only positive of this is that hunters have a great game animal available to them to hunt 365 days a year and that has no bag limit.  For those who like to spend lots of time in the field it is the perfect quarry. Don’t make the mistake of thinking it will be easy.

    If that were true, the skilled hunters of Texas would have wiped them out long ago.

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