, Port Arthur, Texas

August 24, 2013

Patti Gay column: Logan Lomasney latest to join 800 club

Patti Gay
The Port Arthur News

PORT ARTHUR — As the years have gone by, and equipment has improved, scores on the average have shot up. matter how many 800s are rolled it is still quite the feat to do so!

 This is the case, once again, with one of the younger bowlers at Max Bowl-Port Arthur. (Younger meaning somewhere around 21!) Logan Lomasney, in the last week of the Mega Money Summer league, tossed out some big numbers.  

 Starting the night with his very first 300 game, he did not let this deter him in the least!  He followed this with a 254 and finished with a 256.  It was just a short 3 or 4 years ago that Logan was bowling in the youth league with my son Jonathan, and it gives me much pleasure to say that he shot his first 800 series, with an 810!  

 Congratulations Logan, I am sure that this is just the start of many 300/800’s!

 Following up behind Logan with 700’s are as follows: Ronnie Sonnier-262-216-265-743 & 246-232-245-723, CJ Moity-258-277-206-741, Wayne Lavergne-256-266-706 & 247-229-224-700, Bob Bellow-215-246-244-705, & Bill White-216-248-237-701.

 MONDAY SENIORS SUMMER: James Pitre-259-605, Venix Morris-213-590, V.J. Willis Sr-218-566, Paul McDaniel-186-518, Buddy Dufour-209-501, Art Leon-181-491, Cynthia Williams-143-401, Carl Wuenshel-152-400

 ROAD RUNNERS SUMMER: James Pitre-221, CJ Moity-215, Chris Heath-188

 QUEEN TUMBLERS: Connie Mathison-221-535, Betty Shannon-211-529, Nell Futch-146-375, Rita Hicks-202, Donna Loupe-160, Mimi Rose-156, Janice Todora-152

 GOLDEN OLDIES SUMMER: CJ Moity-258-277-206-741, Rick Hermsen-235-279-712, James Pitre-224-215-636, Tommy Girolamo-245-634, Lewis Garza-209-213-617, Paul Vaughn-212-581, Cliff Mosley-216-577, Don Edgerly-244-551, August Gonsoulin-200-544, Bruce Van Boskirk-186-499, Frankie Hall-190-488, Robert Seymour-163-152-461, Charlotte Banks-158-421, Martin Odak-159-149-418, Bill Allen-216, Chuck Burns-203, Chris Heath-191, William Gore-179, Frankie Hall-171, Bonnie Timaeus-161, Donna Clifton-133

 MID COUNTY MIXED SUMMER: Bill White-236-668, Rey Diestro-223-582, Marvin Balagot-222-561, Vladie Quirante-214-533, Tessie Balagot-176-509, Israel Guidry-179, Shirley Agustin-167, Fai Gore-149

 MEGA MONEY SUMMER: Logan Lomasney-300-254-256-810, Ronnie Sonnier-262-216-265-743 & 246-232-245-723, Wayne Lavergne-256-266-706 & 247-229-224-700, Bob Bellow-215-246-244-705, Bill White-216-248-237-701, Skipper Arsenault-279-696, Wesley Williams-256-225-681, Jimmy Calder-227-228-669, James Roberson-225-660, Eric Monarch-235-659, Cory Walker-246-232-617, Carl Quinn-224-617, Shannon Quinn-213-586, Joseph Wolfe-191-200-193-584, Art Turner-241-583, Donna Rhodes-200-561, Patsy Ronquille-199-519, Chayla Merritt-181-472, Robert Rose-200-459, Aaron Richardson-163-428, Charlie Rhodes-264, CJ Moity-255, Georgeann Richardson-247, Andy Nuygen-245, Travis Johnson-244, Chris Rhodes-243, Tray Batson-236, Rhonda Stout-235, Jeff Hayes-234, Benjamin Wolfe-233, Matthew Mannino-231, Eric Kyles-226, Carl Quinn-214, Bret Chipman-209, Judy Arsenault-204, Brandi Batson-204, Art Turner-201, Maryann Kimball-189, Charles Venable-181, Amy Hebert-168

 FRIDAY FUN BUNCH: Jordan Anderson-181-160-462, Stephnie Harrison-203